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Full Version: Data Entry
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12.21.15 AM

Start of Dream. I am sitting in front of a computer screen entering data. Someone walks by and tells me to make sure I save my data with 2 different names. I roll my eyes as they walk away. A person next to me who is also entering data says, Humm we have to save our data with 2 different names. I rolled my eyes again and said, how about this and I typed 122333. I said, I don't have time to be saving everything twice and having to make up a different name for each one. The person next to me said, what are you going to do when they see it. I am going to get something to eat, that's what I am going to do.

We both stood up and we talked a little more. She said, are you really hungry and I said, no I'm not. There was a bottle on my desk. I thought, I will just finish this and realized there was a lot left in the bottle. I thought I had drank most of this and that must be why I'm not hungry. I see it looks like I did not drink any of it. Strange how I am never hungry here. End of Dream

Afterthoughts: 1. I was in what looked like a mall/hospital. 2. I must get this posted before I get ready for work. 3. The bottle was tan and looked like an insulated shaker bottle like one uses to mix a power with water. The liquid inside was tan color and thick but not too thick to drink.