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Full Version: murderer
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I am at some kind of convention or expo. there are many vendors here and I am a vendor also. there are investigators asking me questions. in my head I think "I am a murdered and a liar, but you will not catch me". the investigators, two women, continue to ask me questions and prowl through everything I have that is in public view. I pretend to ignore them but I am also picking up little pieces of paper. I think "I left no paper trail. no one can possibly know anything." I have two stalls; one has my wares and the other my POS (point of sale). the main investigator sees a file cabinet drawer that is slightly open and begins to try to pull it open a little more and see inside. I quickly stop her. she says "what are you hiding in there?" I say "nothing. but you do not have permission to dig through my things." she smiles and begins to walk off down the corridor to some place where I remember that I store things. I tell her again "you can not look through my things." she comes back to me. I think "there is NO evidence. relax. 'I am a murderer and a liar'." the investigator comes back to my stall. the two women now begin moving furniture in my POS stall. the main woman bends down and picks up some mini chocolate chips from the floor that were under the big file cabinet. she turns around to the other investigator and says "we got her. go get back up." she looks up and me with this most evil smile. I say "you have nothing." and I laugh. "you think you have caught me in something because of some chocolate chips on the floor? I didn't do anything and chocolate chips don't prove anything." she just smiles "you are coming in with me. I got you."
Haha Windy!
I knew someone who baked a decadent chocolate cake and called it "death by chocolate." It had chocolate chips in it. I had no idea it could be an actual murder weapon. LOL Big Grin
someone let the chips fall as they may!