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Full Version: small town
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I am a teenage girl. I live in a small town where there are two distinct groups of people - the wealthy and everyone else. I am the new girl and I am very independent. I don't care about anyone freaking class rules or their damn cliques. I just got to this town and not everyone knows about me yet. the richest boy is having a party. I AM GOING! my new friends at first try to tell me it is a really bad idea. but I talk them into it. I am changing the way these youth think. welcome to the twenty first century!
I get to the house with a few new friends. Inside all I remember is suddenly I am running. I have to find the way out. where is the door? the main living area is skirted by a red brick hallway. the hallway walls on my right are stucco white. I am running down the hallway. the central living area is open and has red brick pillars every eight feet or so. the whole floor of the main living area is the same red brick. I am going in circles. I cut through the living area. then I see the kid whose party this is. he is standing among musical nstruments. he is alone. he is wearing all black. holding a guitar standing in front of a drum kit.
he sees me. I see the big brown double doors that are the exit. he somehow calls for all the other people and they and he are now running after me. I get out the door. the outside is stucco white too. the pattern of the sidewalk is the same as the inside hallway with a garden area in the middle. I try to grab my phone while I am running. call the police! I dial 911. finally someone answers. I hear two men talking. they have answered the call and hear me yelling for help, but they are talking to themselves. "tell caller that we will respond when we are finished with the call we are currently on."
I accidently drop the phone. I pick it back up. still works, but cracked pretty good. the people are now outside running after me. there are several hundred cars here I think. across the street I see some parked in tall grass. I think "I can hide in that tall grass maybe get in one of those cars." as I am running through the yard a group of black -ish / blue -ish kittens run out of the bushes in front of me.
the mother of the kid somehow communicates to the others "she tried to kill my kittens!" I can hear the people in my head but I cant hear them with my ears. I make it to the tall grass. it is very dark out here. I dive down into the grass in front of these cars. the ground is marshy. YUK! finally the cops call back. they ask the address. I cant remember. the number on the house were weird. it was like the house had the numbers of the entire black. there were three vertical columns of numbers. how am I supposed to know which is the right set? I decide it must be the first column. wait! I took a picture! I look at my phone. I saw them so clearly in the dream, but now im not 100% positive - 3, 5, 8, 31.
then the cops are there. I get up when I see them coming. I start telling them what happened. its like im on trial or something. the rich people are standing around me in robes? some are above me, like theater style seating or something like a balcony that is about my head level. they are standing behind a rail. the cop is asking me questions. "I did not do that. I didn't do anything wrong." the mother tells the cop "she tried to run over my kittens." she said one other charge against me, I cant remember now.