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Full Version: Molokai Volcano Explosion
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I tried to post this last night from my phone, but I couldn't get it to go through. I dreamed this early yesterday morning, 12/24/15. The dream goes like this:

We are on the island of Oahu. My daughter and son-in-law are taking the kids to watch a kids only canoe paddling race that runs between the islands of Oahu and Molokai. I can't be too certain, but I believe we were at Sandy Beach Park or some place close to it. There was also a carnival fair going on, too, with rides, games, and stuff.

The day appeared to be clear skies with very little wind, but the ocean was very, very turbulent, stormy-like (I remember thinking that was odd because there wasn't enough winds to cause the ocean to be so stormy). Many of the parents were concerned about letting their kids paddle the channel because it was so bad and it was becoming an argument. People were shouting at each other and it was starting to get bad.

I heard what sounded like a low boom in the distance and thought it might be thunder. I turned to look in that direction and saw what looked like dark, rolling clouds in the distance towards Molokai (on a clear day you can see Molokai and sometimes even a hint of Maui behind it). I realized right away it wasn't thunder, but it was an explosion. I yelled "Look at that!" and everyone turned. Most everyone thought it was a nuclear blast, because the cloud had an upwards moving formation. It looked like it went over a mile into the sky. At some point, I realized it wasn't a nuclear explosion, but a pyroclastic volcanic explosion. Much like Mount St. Helens and other similar volcanoes. Huge rocks and debris started to fall around us and people started to run for cover. We got under some of the carnival rides and I woke up before anything else happened.

Research: Molokai has 2 extinct volcanoes that are not expected to wake up. Oahu has 2 dormant volcanoes that are in a long sleep. I'm not sure if anyone expects them to wake anytime soon. Maui has a dormant volcano, too, and it's last explosions were possibly in the late 1700's.... It could be possible that volcanic explosion I saw could be coming from Maui and not Molokai. But in my dream, I actually stated the volcano on Molokai is going off.
Wow, very detailed IHM! I appreciate that you researched the volcanic activity afterwards, as well as the thoughts about which one it could be. It must've been a very intense dream!
Thanks Goldengirl - It was! Very action packed & the details were so clear to me.. Which has me worried that something could be brewing over there. I feel like the "stormy" ocean, where there was no storm winds to kick them up, might be telling me something. They were really rolling.

Side note: I can easily look up in a dream dictionary as to what stormy seas can mean symbolically. But it scares me that this might be one of my prophetic dreams. Molokai isn't that big & there are close nearby islands. If a volcano goes off with the size of the explosion I saw, a lot of people could be hurt.. or worse.
IslandHippyMama, am very glad you're reporting your dreams here. I'm certainly paying attention. I know you're busy so no pressure, just WOOHOO gal, you're back and I'm back and appreciating your posts.

PS, a native Hawaiian teenager told me about 20yrs. ago that her parents and "a lot of" natives feel that Diamond Head will blow again someday. She may have said in the end of the world/age or something. I have that feeling but can't testify to it from memory.
Hi Nanny.. Yes, Oahu has 2 dormant volcanoes & Diamond Head is one of them. Though they are no longer on the "hot spot" anymore, it doesn't mean they can't wake up. It just means they don't do it as often.

I had dreams that started in the mid 90's and continued to 2010. They were like clips & pieces of one whole dream. I saw 2 of my future son-in-laws in those dreams. And one of my daughters was only about 3 at the tme of the dream... Anyways, most of Diamond Head was in the ocean. Waikiki, downtown Honolulu, Kahala, & other areas were gone. It was all ocean. I don't know what caused the devastation, but it was more than tsunami. Land mass was gone. All the way up to the Makiki area.

In the final dream (in 2010), I was riding in a van to what I eventually realize was the back rim of Diamond Head. It was covered in new housing, which does not exist now. It's too steep at the moment. But if DH slides, that area will slope enough to build on it. I have tried to gauge a timeline by looking at the houses, landscaping, and people around me. I also work in construction & know how long it takes things to build. My hands were old & I was using a cane. There was a very blond, blue-eyed boy sitting next to me, who appeared to be anywhere from 16-20 yrs old. At the time of the dream, I assumed he was my eldest daughter's son. However, the shade of the blue in his eyes tells me he is probably my son's son. Nathan has beautiful deep blue eyes from his mother's side. My daughter's husband has blue eyes, but they are a different shade of blue. Nathan was born this year in May.

In the dream, there were also 3 teenage granddaughters in the seat behind us. They ranged from 13-ish to about 16. If the boy is Nathan, then the eldest girl behind us will be a year behind him... [Note: As a present this Christmas, I received a sonogram picture. My eldest daughter is pregnant with her first child (due in July '16)]. I had initially thought we were 20 years in the future from the time my "dream" blond grandson was born, but it was hard to gauge how old he was in the dream, so the backseat girls are helping with the timeline. Of course we need to wait & see what my daughter will actually have first, then I'll have a better idea. But assuming it's a girl born next year, we're looking at something happening on Oahu within the next 16 years (possibly after she's born).

It will take years, just to clear all the rubble & remains of the devastation. I'm giving that at least 3-5 years alone... Then the planning & re-building of the infrastructure (water, sewer, electrical lines), then new housing & landscaping, another 10-15 years at the least. The landscaping was mostly grown in too. And there was a new, smaller zoo for the animals that survived, in a place where I know has other buildings on it now.... So if my eldest granddaughter (in the van) was about 16 yrs old in the dream & all that new construction takes about 15+ years to rebuild, whatever happens to Oahu will be soon. I had initially thought there would be another 5 yrs before it happens, but with grandchildren coming, it's changing the timeline... Next year, maybe? Another 2 years tops...
Big thanks for your timing report. Sure sounds likely.
Oahu is in more than one type of danger. The big island is overdue for a quake above a 7.0 and yet that 6.7 took down the electrical grid for 9 to 11hrs. as I vaguely reacall. Then there's no reason Diamond Head can't start quaking.
Then, Ed Dames' RV'ing team had a high-confidence level that they nailed a coming "Second Pearl Harbor" from a North Korean submarine-delivered nuke. Said they even drew the delivery object that at first looked like a landmine they thought they were drawing.

I personally hope you get more dreams about that area, that is if you don't mind having the dreams.

Thank you for posting when you can.
With the military build up they've done on Oahu, I have a hard time believing anything nuclear could get close enough without they not knowing it. Especially anything from N. Korea... With that being said, our government wanted to join the world war and knew there was an imminent attack coming to Pearl Harbor. So they deliberately delayed notification to them.  I could easily see that happening again.

In my dreams, I could see that the Honolulu Airport, Hickam AFB, and parts of Pearl Harbor were gone.
Very much agree with you. There is one thing I keep in mind now that never was an issue before. This military is being shambled, it's not just being drawn-down and worn-out. Somehow, the morale has been lowered to a point of too many folks not caring even if equipment works properly or if the people are busting-butt while working.

Being part of the community I have heard stories, some I can't even repeat but in person could whisper to you and others. We now have reason to wonder if something could get by us. For example, a couple of Russian subs got into the Gulf of Mexico a year ago? dang time flies but anyway, there was no excuse for them having been there and discovered later. I heard report of one Texas senator demanding to know how the bleep that happened.

That it happened at all is my point. I firmly believe it would not nor could not have happened in previous decades.

But, even if known, you are right that the current leaders would let it happen again as long as they could fit it into serving their "never waste an emergency" agenda.
I'm conflicted by that because being in the construction field in Hawaii, I saw all the new military construction going on. They even re-opened old WWII buildings and bunkers for remodeling. And without going into great details, there was some serious, serious technology going into these places, as well as the new facilities... All the while, I had been asking, "Why the sudden build up?". Because I also had heard about military draw downs and base closures, etc. What I saw going in Hawaii conflicts those reports from what I could see.

Also, I have a daughter in the air force and she said that they have grown extremely tight as far as who they are allowing to stay in the force. Their rules regarding weight/fitness restrictions and other things have become quite extreme and I believe the other military corps were to follow this example. You might be excellent at what you do in the force, but if you exceed the weight limit and despite a limited allowed attempts to get you into shape - you're out. I believe this also goes for behaviors and standards as well.. Though my daughter has said there are quite a few "dumb asses" that should be kicked out, but haven't been.

I don't fear the Russians. I haven't in a long time. Whenever I had apocalyptic dreams, it wasn't Russians we were fighting, they were Asian and communist. (China or North Korea?)... I don't know why those Russian subs were in the gulf last year - was it a sub? Or was it some kind of ship? I don't recall now, but I don't think they were military? Could be a test, spying, or some kind of illegal activity, maybe. Dropping off illegals or drugs. IDK..
IslandHippyMama, I got very political in my reply to you, then remembered this not a good idea so I PM'ed my reply to you.

I concur with your daughter that some real buffoons are allowed to stay. They can be led around by the nose to fall for and do anything, legal or not so yes they, generally-speaking get to stay.
Dutchsinse issued a warning for Hawaii:

Quote:Hawaii volcano watch / warning :

New influx of magma showing at multiple volcanoes.

Kilauea volcano lava lake is rising... additionally... Pu'u O'o volcano now has a large flow occurring atop the caldera.

Keep watch over the next week -- if the lava lake continues to rise, then we might have some issues a few days from now.

FTR: The audio on my laptop doesn't work so I have no idea what might be said on the video.
(01-03-2016, 04:35 AM)DLP Wrote: [ -> ]Dutchsinse issued a warning for Hawaii:

Quote:Hawaii volcano watch / warning :

New influx of magma showing at multiple volcanoes.

Kilauea volcano lava lake is rising... additionally... Pu'u O'o volcano now has a large flow occurring atop the caldera.

Keep watch over the next week -- if the lava lake continues to rise, then we might have some issues a few days from now.

FTR: The audio on my laptop doesn't work so I have no idea what might be said on the video.

Very interesting DLP! Though I am not to concerned about it.. Kilauea's lava rise and fall is a lot like her breathing.. Up and down, in and out, for years. Pu'u O'o has been consistently venting for decades now. I would be more worried if it wasn't venting, because it would mean the lava has gone elsewhere. There is no fountain either, so I don't see this as being worrisome right now... Growing up in Hawaii has taught me what to be worried about and what not to worry about in regards to Kilauea. Now if Mauna Loa or Mauna Kea were to wake up, that would be something different.

Side note: no audio on the video until the end, when there is a little music.
DLP - I got curious and checked out Dutchsince's other YouTube videos and came across this one (see link). This is interesting to me because of his discussion involving dormant volcanoes. Technically, the direction we were looking towards in regards to the volcano in my dream was towards the west coast. Now I'm wondering what if it wasn't Molokai, Maui, or the Big Island that I thought blew up, but someplace on the west coast? Though I clearly remember saying "Molokai" in my dream, so not sure.. It's interesting regardless..
Posting Still's link here:

So I'm thinking the volcanic explosion I saw in my dream wasn't Molokai, but a Russian island instead... I do that, I don't know why? Sometimes my dreams make the event look like it's happened in Hawaii, not in it's real location - especially if it's an island in the Pacific.

I once dreamed that a tsunami was going to hit the north side of Oahu and wipe out an area called Ka'a'awa. In the dream, after the tsunami I was screaming "where are the children?" and was in hysterics looking for them. All of the adults were looking for our children. It was really horrible! The next night, a tsunami hit Papua, New Guinea. One village was completely wiped out and ALL of their children died. I looked it up on a map and saw that the location of the village on the island, would have been equal to the location of where Ka'a'awa is on Oahu.