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Full Version: Dream of Trains
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27th December 2015

I was on  a train and i went off one. I sort of jumped of it close to a bridge in the Nature. The Bridge remembered me of a bridge i used to drive over it in Davos, Switzerland. 
Then I wanted to jump on another train, and it didn`t matter in what direction. I saw one driving from the right to the left, he then drove in to the forest. Then i saw one coming from the forest and i tried to jump on it but i couldn`t. But it was sort of clear that there will be more trains to jump on. It seemed to me i wanted to jump on a Train in direction of the city. 


On the 26th of December i was in Bubendorf in Switzerland. Then i wanted to get on a train and it did not really matter in what direction i thought. Either i go home to Hölstein or i go to Basel. The Train to Basel came first and I went to the place of which I dreamt the night before. I get great messages when i visit the places i have dreamt of.
As i walked through the Basel Trainstation on the 27th of December 2015 i saw Renata, a woman i used to share an Appartment. She works in Davos.