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Full Version: Secret Service Infiltrated / President Kidnapped
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Dream intention: major news event in next 30 days

I dreamed of a black president (who looked more like Ozzie Davis than Obama) who was travelling incognito with his Secret Service force. Initially the team was travelling in a very large white non-descript trailer truck with Secret Service in additional vehicles, again, non-descript and not the black suv vehicles often depicted on television. I was a member of perhaps 6 people attempting to kidnap him, or perhaps we were a Super Secret Service team and we were rescuing him or protecting him from the Secret Service. Our team was comprised of Americans, I believe 5 white, 1 black, at least 1 white female with blonde hair. My sense is we were very loyal Americans and somehow our kidnapping of the President was meant to improve things or perhaps to protect the President; we meant him no physical harm.

We followed the truck on the highway and eluded the Secret Service somehow. I don't recall the details but we were able to infiltrate the staff to get to the President. He willingly came with us as he believed we were Secret Service. Then we took him to an isolated house. At some point, he realized who we were or what we were trying to achieve, and we had his wrists tied, although he did not resist or even argue with us. I recall we had many schemes of illusion, and trapdoors to spirit the President away when our location was discovered by an agent.

Did not dream of a conclusion to this. Overall, the dream was non-violent.
TwiceBlessed: note the secret service there (reference the drawing we've talked about).

Iris: An overlap between your dream and today's bot run is confusion (you mentioned 'schemes of illusion').

Thanks for incubating!
possible hit? January 8 news (5 days after dream) secret service news...plan to kidnap President Obama's dog
Iris, with your 2 recent threat to the president/leader dreams, would you say you believe an incident might be on the horizon? What is you feeling and do you believe they are connected in some way?
Thanks, twiceblessed, for the question. No, I don't think the dreams are related. The president kidnapping dream I think may be the news item I posted, about foiled plan to kidnap Pres. Obama's dog; that dream was strangely non-violent. In the more recent dream, I was a child and I thought of the man as the president, but as an adult analyzing the dream, he seemed to be a leader of sorts, not necessarily the president of U.S. He may have even been a business leader, or president of a company, which would explain why there weren't any security guards.