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Full Version: Moscow, Russia
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I am sitting here at work and a picture of Moscow, Russia pops into my vision. The only difference in the picture is that in the vision there is lots of snow.

1. The word trepidation popped up when I was writing this. I never use that word.
2. Brings tears to my eyes to think about the picture I just saw. Feel neither bad nor good, just neutral.
3. I am neutral in my feelings about Russia. I believe this is due to the prayer work I do sometimes for their government.
4. I am running a lot of energy since this vision and feel alert like I am waiting for something.
Julie, is it best that you don't tell us why this picture brought tears to your eyes? Only description given is of snow. Was the picture/vision horrible in some way?
Trepidation meaning - a feeling of fear or agitation about something that may happen... Also, a trembling motion.

What could they be fearing or feeling agitated about? Maybe they're worried about the Middle East getting bad with the Iran/Saudi thing and the US is catching flack for it too.

Possible earthquake prediction? I checked the maps and nothing there for today.
From Worldwide Predictions on 1-5-15:
“Russia.. Moscow.. Check the airplanes for bombs.”
I had a visual that a bomb was moving through an airport terminal, or baggage area. Keep in mind that 466 could be seen as just the number 466 or a message ‘for 66’.
When I thought about it again, the only word that came up was "ambush".

(01-05-2016, 04:36 PM)Nanny Wrote: [ -> ]Julie, is it best that you don't tell us why this picture brought tears to your eyes? Only description given is of snow. Was the picture/vision horrible in some way?
Thanks, Julie.
Moscow may get ambushed? here I am thinking they'll ambush the US. Well, every nation does have enemies. Pondering...
You know, Nanny - I haven't worried about Russia since before the wall came down... They were not the ones I saw in my war dreams. They were communist Asians. Chinese? Maybe the North Koreans? Though I have a hard time believing N. Korea is strong enough to do any land invasions in other countries.
I heard on radio today that the N.Koreans could reach Hawaii with weaponry, and I don't doubt they may do something from inside their subs but agreed, them marching on land? Not without another communist nation having their backs up close and personally.

Russia, I don't put anything past. They are incredibly powerful and I can't convince myself that it's all for defensive reasons. Also, why the heck are so many here on our land, and this has been true for several years?
One daughter told me just today, in fact that where she lives, in the Annapolis, MD area she's been seeing a lot more foreigners now for months. She named Russians, for one. I've heard countless reports like this. So, they have a constant presence and aren't just in for some special military exercises. Then, in 2014, I flew several days and dang if out of Dallas to my home town were two, or three, I forget, young Russians in coach.

So, I just keep wondering. Oh shoot, I have something to report about Hanover, MD! she just saw at the fantastic outlet mall today. Glad we had this conversation here.
Well, Julie, we have an overlap. Today's (1-7-16) bot run has both "Russia" and "Devastation" but not in that order.

(01-07-2016, 08:13 AM)Eagle1 Wrote: [ -> ]Well, Julie, we have an overlap. Today's (1-7-16) bot run has both "Russia" and "Devastation" but not in that order.
Germany is now in this vision. To be specific, Strasburg, Germany.
I am adding this here so I won't forget. A few days ago, I dreamed about the # 31. I am wondering if it is a date and has something to do with this vision. So I will keep Russia on my radar on 1.31.2016 and 3.1.16.
This dream came back to me yesterday so last night I asked if there was anything more I needed to know.
Saw a building that had the feel of a public building that is freely accessed by many people. I see a large flash of light, then lots of smoke and dust. Then I heard the words, "penetration has been accomplished".
I am at work TRYING to concentrate on what I am doing and then a picture of Putin pops into my thought process. Jeeze!
Breaking news - Over 3,000 people evacuated from major Moscow shopping malls following bomb threats.

Thoughts: Yesterday and today I have been feeling like I took a "Happy" pill. I am normally happy, but this "euphoric happy" is showing in my look and talk, ect. Now, since I found out about the Moscow bomb scares, it's making me wonder if that is the reason I am feeling this way. When I "see" or dream something and am not sure about details, I pray a general prayer of "please don't let anyone get hurt". So I was very happy to see in these reports that no one was hurt. I will keep an eye on the story and see if anything else is reported.