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Full Version: My sister says I got late an hour but came through with It
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17th April 2014 Berlin

I dreamt my sister said i was an hour late and came through with it. She was not so happy about it.But i really came through. 

Interpretation: I once really came an hour late at the Smurfit Kappa Carton Factory. I had a great excuse, the train came on the other rail as I was very sure that I have heard that the train is coming. And then in my confusion I missed even the next train, too.
But the men there just said that i have the right to sleep longer. And it was alright. But i do not know on what day i was an hour late, this would be interesting to find out.

Then on the 17th October 2014 6 Calendermonths after the dream, me and my Sister meet at the Trainstaiton in Basel. 

And 215 days later on the 18th November 2014 my sister has prepared a Cake for my birthday and we hace accorded that we meet at about 7 o`clock in the morning so she can give me the cake. But i slept through and woke up only as my sister called about 10 minutes to 7 a.m. First i said it was my birthday and i would not come. But the i asked when the train leaves and she said some minutes after 7, i looked at the clock and saw that i might have about 10 minutes, and i lived about a 5 minute bike ride from the trainstation. I said I`ll make it and really made it. I was exhausted like i was very few times in my life, but i was on time. 

Then on the 5th of January 2015 413 days or 14 Moon cycles after my birthday on the 18th November 2014. 
I thought I was late an hour for work again. I did not wake up on the time i wanted to. But as I walked to the work I got told, work starts about 3 hours later than I thought.

I see that often when something of a dream comes true or is seen, it takes a certain amount of days that is often connected with moon cycles, calendardates or a 5 day rhythm until i see the next thing of the same dream. In this dream the Moon Cycle related events were connected with work, and the Calendar and 5 Day Rhythm events were related with my sister Iva.