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Full Version: Teleporting Gods
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This was a dream on par with the alien sphere dream. I'm in some sort of lab that has a small professional staff except what appears to be the head dude, a tall, fat, bald dude. Later I find out in the dream that the place is officially called a psychiatric unit, and this guy is the only psychiatrist. Strangely, I'm the intern in this place, which appears to be the only day residue in the dream. None of the people in this unit match anywhere remotely with the people I work with today.

So in the unit, there's this is big machine that only special people stand under. Appearance-wise, it looks like an airport scanner except the filming mechanism sits above the person's head as they stand there under the contraption. I remember that some song was playing while people stood under the device, but can't remember which one.

With someone standing there, the machine casts a bright light onto the person, and the person begins to turn yellow at the head, and then slowly the rest of the body will turn yellow. The person appears frozen, and then they disappear.

Change of scene...I am suddenly on a beach for one reason: to witness the teleportation. I turn around, and strangely I see the same device on the beach! People are wondering what the heck it is, and I have to admit that still don't really know. However, I do know enough that people shouldn't be standing under it. A couple of people do just that, and I stand there wondering if something will happen to them. Nothing does.

A man is walking toward the machine. He seems to be turning yellow. Clearly he's the person who originally came here on this mission from the lab. Although he wasn't any taller than the rest of the crowd and he looked very human, the crowd, including me, assumed him to be a special being. He appears to be running out of time. He walks faster. The crowd is parting for him. He quickly gets under the device and booom....disappears.

In the dream I felt like I was getting some serious knowledge about how the special beings were traveling through time/space. In witnessing this account, I know he was sent back in time, but I don't have any idea where or when I was. I remember that later on the beach, a really bizarre looking man was exclaiming that this wasn't psychiatry, "This can't be psychiatry because ya'll don't have a psychiatrist." The tall fat bald man was deeply offended. He said, "I'm the psychiatrist." 

Day residue: Obviously being an intern was residue, but I don't work with anyone tall nor bald, and there isn't a psychiatrist at the center. No other residue that I can tell.
Hey, maybe it was John Titor. Big Grin

But seriously, do you remember anything special about the beach? In Florida, white soft sand and calm waters means the Gulf of Mexico. Yellow coarse sand and surfing waves means the east coast, and I would assume any coastal region that is on the ocean, not the Gulf.
Eagle1, did the lab happen to be extremely white? White floor, cabinets, counter tops as well as walls?
What was your feeling about the yellow being? Since both your alien dreams had the aliens with the color yellow, perhaps looking at yellow would be wise.
I am finding that the color yellow has both positive and negative connotations. With a pleasant connotation, the color yellow is symbolic of intellect, energy, happiness, harmony, and wisdom. Hopefulness for the future. On the other hand, if the dream is an unpleasant one, then the color represents deceit, disgrace, betrayal, cowardice and sickness. Perhaps something isn't right. The color cold also signal you are ready for a change which is coming or a shift in awareness. Is this a dream more about you personally Eagle or do you think it is something greater?
Gosh, guys, these are fantastic questions. I begin with Twice's excellent summary question.

Is this a dream more about you personally Eagle or do you think it is something greater?
I do tend to take a more Jungian view of dreams, in that each dream holds at least a little bit of everything....of self, of the future, of the past, of the collective, etc. Yes, I have analyzed this dream from the viewpoint that it's completely about me personally. Improving self is a constant journey, eternal in fact. It sort of felt like the clients in the dream were escaping, and the psychiatrist was facilitating it. Escapism is something I work on extensively with clients, and in the egocentristic theory of dream therapy, the dream is telling me that I need to listen to my own words. Got to face my issues more directly. Not doing well enough with shortcomings. Although I don't necessarily see myself escaping any problems, that's what the dream is saying. Escaping never works in the long term. Escape if you need to, but you'll ALWAYS have to return and face the problems. In fact, by the time you get back to face the problem, the problem has magnified. Face my issues, take a stronger stance in the things I can improve, identify how I'm escaping and stop it. It's go time...close down the portals and experience life fully and head on.

What was your feeling about the yellow being?
Personally, I really don't like the color yellow. It is probably the worst color for me to wear for sure. Smile In my two dreams, it was the advanced beings that were yellow. So that infers some paradoxical analysis. On the one hand, there's clearly intellect and wisdom, but there's also a sense of jealousy....they are advanced and I am not. They are always a level or two better than I am. Still searching for more analysis of yellow. It's definitely a trend in my dreams.

Nanny: did the lab happen to be extremely white?
No. It was sort of run down, and that's is also day residue. My current institution is a really old (almost-rehabbed) hospital. The device itself was pristine. It looked brand new. The imaging thing above the client's head was spotless and technologically advanced.

GG: But seriously, do you remember anything special about the beach?

You know, GG, I do remember a bit about the beach. I lived in Pensacola for years, and this setting was definitely not the Gulf coast. The sand was course and not white. But then again, it wasn't nearly as dirty as say S. Cali. It was in between super white beautiful beach and Myrtle beach's trashy, dirty sand. So south Florida is a strong possibility. Only a couple people were in beach ware. Everyone else was dressed for fall or spring (long pants and windbreakers).

I believe this dream was primarily personal, but there is a part of the dream that definitely seems like a warning for me and my emerging profession. I've always had suspicions of psychiatry, but I do believe this dream was notifying me that there is something much more bizarre that psychiatry is meddling with. Most likely it's not a time machine or space portal like my dream, but I do feel the need to get more knowledgeable on that periphery field. I think they are probably experimenting on military folks; after all, they've inflicted PTSD on so many millions of vets, there is most likely some new experimentation happening under the guise of helping the outbreak of trauma symptoms.

Thanks for all your inputs, it helps me digest this very important dream
Oh, that's it!
The day residue of lab being run-down is to magnify the importance of the pristine machine being this brand-new technology. It exists, and you're to watch for it since your chosen field will have this thing in your orbit. You're gonna be counseling some of this machine's "victims?" All just a hunch, and this dream is going to help you recognize this futuristic experiment when you encounter it. (just a hunch, wondering if this will resonate)