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Full Version: A lot to eat at New Years Eve.
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9th January 2016

It was new years eve and i and many others were sitting at a round table. Family members and the schoolfriends name Raphael Wenger was a theme.
I ordered more to eat, the waiter brought a lot of food for everybody. There were personal plates and also some of which everybody seemed to be able to eat in the centre of the Table. 

Another theme was Putins wife who was celebrating New Years Eve in Belgrad, Serbia. There was a picture of 2 women hosting the Party in Belgrad. And there was before also a good new years eve party in Belgrad. 


I have sent pumpkin seeds to Christian Wenger. And they should arrive today. I have also sent New Years wishes to Raphael Wenger, who is not a relative to Christian. 
And yesterday I went to a concert in the Basler Markthalle, where 2 people work, who once have invited me to the new years eve party 2013-2014. 
But i did not go then, because it was my first New Years eve party in Liberty in 6 Years and I thought I should celebrate with my sister. What I did. 
The people from the Markthalle invited me and my mother, and my mother said that she maybe will not go the party because she will maybe have a concert in Belgrad for new years eve, what then she did not have. But she also did not go to the party.