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Full Version: Aliens Arrive
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I was in a city skyscraper on the topmost floors with many others people, looking out at the cityscape. The tower we were in seemed as though it was hundreds of stories high. Other towers at this height were a distance away. The thought crossed my mind that there was almost a valley between the tower I was in and the comparably sized towers I was observing in the distance. The daylight was very muted, with a light grey sky.

We then observed two glassy almost translucent spinning top UFOs ( )
with many colorful lights descend into the perceived valley between our tower and the others. The UFOs hovered just a bit below the floor we were on. We did not feel surprised or threatened. Then it seemed there was a long row of empty parked cars adjacent to the craft. The UFO's shattered all the car windshields. I perceived that as an implication that we should not take any violent action towards them, which did surprise me as no one was threatening the craft. Then a few of the occupants emerged; the leader looked like the conventional image of an alien, only he was wearing a tunic. They were able to communicate non-verbally with us, and the group started to walk towards our leadership. A very sexy woman in a short dress with very high heels walked towards their leader and held on to his/her elbow, trying to distract the creature.

I did not have any dream intentions, and I do not watch news or tv, so no day residue that I can recall.
Thanks for the dream Iris. Do you remember the color of the tunic & and if the tunic had a hood?

(01-10-2016, 11:51 AM)Iris Wrote: [ -> ]Then a few of the occupants emerged; the leader looked like the conventional image of an alien, only he was wearing a tunic.    
Thanks, Iris. Several of us dreaming about otherly visitors. According to Wilcock, I think he's saying that the lid's going to be blown this year on the extraterrestrial front. Time will tell.
Julie, the alien was not wearing a hood. The sleeved tunic was light colored, rather neutral, either silver or grey. The tunic was knee length not floor length. And the aliens appeared to be greys, with large heads, very large eyes, small nose, not sure if there was a mouth, very slender body, and short, perhaps 4 feet tall.

Does a hooded tunic have a special meaning for you?