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Full Version: ET Arrival
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I was with a large group of friends and co-workers on either an office campus or college campus. We were excited as it was dusk and we were about to begin watching the lights in the skies. As the night darkened, we arranged ourselves in various chairs outside in a plaza. I carried a large white binder stuffed with information, and I was studying the contents until the 'show' began. The lights looked to me more like meteors...long straight flashes of light, although in a cluster, almost like a military jet formation only streaking towards earth with invisible craft. We observed this many times throughout the night.

This observation went on for several nights. We were not wearing coats, I assume it was summer.
One evening, I was leaving the building, worried that I had left my binder by my chair the previous night, and I did not want anyone to read it as it was privileged information. As I was exiting the building, I heard much excited chatter that the 'show' was underway. I found my chair and was relieved to find my intact binder where I had left it. As I sat down, there was a change in mood in the crowd, an an alien entered our midst. He 'talked' to us, we seemed to be under his control. He told us his kind would be walking about the population, but they would be cloaked somehow to look like humans. The cloaking, however, only worked from the front and the sides, you could see the being was alien if you observed him from behind.

The alien was a grey, but looked more like ET. I don't recall the creature wearing clothing.

Day residue: Early in the day, I read the alien dreams posted here
Man, Iris... I was thinking how this sounded soooo familiar. Maybe it was just day residue?

But your description of watching the skies, meteorite-like streaks, but they were actually alien ships, and moving in military formation? Really, really close to my dreams. Kinda creepy! Lol
A few years ago, I was camping with a group of people in the 4corners area in ME AZ. One night, a group of us sat up and watched the night sky, counting the UFOs that flew by overhead. We counted at least a dozen before we called it a night.

Now that I know they're out there and what to look for, I see them all the time. Most people won't because they don't watch the sky or wouldn't believe what they saw if they did.
A couple of years ago, celebrating 4th of July at a local park - I was videoing the fireworks, when I noticed an red-orange ball of light in the sky. It was initially far out to the side, but when the fireworks started up, it moved closer - as if to watch them, too. At first I thought maybe it was just a helicopter and then a drone. But then I realized that by the distance of it, it was too big to be a drone and it didn't have the usual helicopter lights on it. It moved all around the fireworks and when the show was over, it suddenly sped up and disappeared well out over the ocean (we were in Hawaii).

So later that night, I viewed the video and realized I could just barely see it. Though another person also from my area, uploaded their video of the fireworks and they had a better shot of the red-orange "ball". Even he was saying "what the hell is that?".. Going through YouTube videos that night, I realized several people from across the nation had also posted videos of their local fireworks events and they also saw the ball of light. WTF??? Each time, it was identical to the one I saw that night. No explanation ever followed it.

Our fireworks event would have been the last one for our nation, being Hawaii is in the final time zone. After looking at the locations of the other videos, it appeared that whatever "it" was, it started off on the east coast and moved westward.. If it was the same one.

I do feel like "they" are trying to make themselves known. I don't know why they don't just make it an obvious landing where everyone can see them? Where there are no questions about who they are? But I guess with our military's "shoot first / ask questions later" mentality, showing themselves to be playful would take the edge off a bit.