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Full Version: Like a Vision of a moving Statue front of the Kunstmuseum Basel
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6th Of November 2015

I did not remember very good my dream that night. So in the Morning I lay and tried to sleep to get a dream, and had like a vision of a moving Statue in front of the Entrance of the Kunstmuseum Basel. The statue seemed to be of Metal but could move its limbs and turned its head. I saw it from where i was looking at the statue, that the head moved.

65 Days later on the

10th of January 2016

I was at the trainstation in Liestal and i saw a man i thought i knew him. So I spoke to him, he said, he did not know who I was. Then I asked him where he worked, and he said, he works at the Kunstmuseum Basel.  

The Kunsmuseum Basel is closed at the moment, but will open soon again.
The Basler Kunsmuseum will be called Sculpture in move on something like this. I know it since yesterday...becuase i have seen the new building and it is written in brickstones on the wall. I have dreamt of a moving sculpture on the 6th of November. 65 days later on the 10th of january 2016, i see a man who is working at the Kunstmuseum, and yesterday on the 11th April 91 days or 1/4 year after the 10th of january I noticed the scripture on the wall of the Museum. I keep learning. Life is so beautiful.