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Full Version: Not A Dream, But Related To A Dream..
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I didn't get a chance to get on and post this yesterday...

I was somewhere between being fully awake and still sleeping very early yesterday morning before the sun came up, and literally the first thoughts that entered my mind were about my dreams regarding Oahu being devastated. I don't recall having another dream about it or dreaming anything at all. I also went to bed really tired the night before and not really thinking about anything, except getting a job. (Usually the last thing I think about when going to bed and the first thing I think of when I wake).

It was very strange and I felt compelled to text one of my daughters still living in Honolulu. Her apartment is in a "safe zone", but she works in Waikiki (which is completely gone in my dreams).. I pretty much told her if she feels the ground shaking, run for higher ground immediately. She's also thinking about moving and I asked her not to, because I know the area she lives in now, survives whatever may happen. I also posted extensively about it on facebook, before getting out of bed - which I don't normally discuss on FB. but felt like I needed to?

I don't what it means and I don't know if it means it's going to happen soon.. I do know that Japan and other areas had earthquakes 6.0 and above yesterday. The largest I've ever been in was 5.5 in Vegas and another when Kilauea Volcano woke up in the early 80's.. That's plenty big enough for me - would rather not go through anything like that again. So anything above a 6.0 is huge to me.

Anyways, just wanted to let people know something might be up..