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Full Version: Preacher Dream, 1.15.16, AM
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I am posting this for the Bot Run.

Start of Dream: I am on the phone talking to a Preacher telling him I have something for him. He will be visiting me the next day. I hang up and a different Preacher, I'll call Preacher D, calls me. He says, I am returning your call. I said yes, I have something for you. He said, I can visit you tomorrow. Do you still live near Normandy? I said, no I live in another town, not far from your church. He said, ok, I like to drive and it's not that far. I will be there at 1:00 pm.

I hang up the phone and am wonder how this is going to work, having 2 different preachers here at the same time. Maybe I can ask one to visit in the morning and leave before the other one gets here at 1:00. Then I thought, it will be ok for them both to be here at the same time. Should be interesting to see how that works out. End of Dream

1. The first preacher I don't know. The second one Preacher D. is the preacher of a church I once attended years ago.
2. I have not been active in a church for years so I have no relationships with any Preachers.
3. I don't know what it was I needed to give them.