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Full Version: Leader and group massacred
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I was a young child, grade school age, as young as 1st grade possibly as old as 5th grade. I think I was a boy, not sure. I was at the President's home, only it was more of a California-type setting or maybe similar to the Camp David setting, relaxed atmosphere, hundreds of acres of secluded park. Although I refer to him as the President, he was more likely an important business man, or other government leader, or perhaps a governor. He did not have much of a security detail there, and I do not recall anyone referring to him as President, that's just what I thought of him as.

I was not with parents, and my sense is that I was an orphan. The President humored me, I could talk to him and interact with him almost as though he were a family member, perhaps an uncle.

The President resembled the President on House of Cards, tall, white, middle aged, slim, however, he was in a wheelchair, otherwise healthy. Seemed to me as though he had been in a wheelchair for quite awhile, this was not due to a recent accident but a condition he had for many years.

We were outside and I was walking next to the President in his wheelchair and he was showing me the park and trails. He said this was his most favorite area of the estate/compound, and told me to go ahead and explore. I was alarmed that I did not see any security team for him, and he just waved off my concern and said to go enjoy myself. So he went back to join the others and I briefly explored the park.

Then there was some type of ceremony that was planned in what looked like in a chapel, and people were congregating for that. I sat in the front pew or bench with the President and his family (I recall him and his wife). I had met another child my age, a girl, blonde hair, she was wearing a dress (resembled white Communion dress, knee length, very full skirt) and was with her parents sitting in another section of the chapel. Many were dressed up, although I was still in very casual clothes.

Somehow I had seen something that led me to believe there was going to be a problem, perhaps in the park. I walked over to the little girl and asked her and her parents to come with me, and we walked to a back aisle. I whispered to the girl that the President was going to be killed, her parents did not hear what I said. The girl fell to the ground wailing, and her parents knelt beside her trying to find out what was wrong.

Now a security guard came up to me and I told him what I knew, and he went running.

All too late, though, as a group came in and massacred everyone with automatic weapons. Somehow I remained unscathed. Then I was seated right next to the ringleader. He was red-headed with a short beard, and laughing with the others, all in an unguarded mood. They thought nothing of me, I was apparently harmless, and I believe I was very meek and docile. While he was laughing I pulled out a weapon and killed several of them. As he turned to me in surprise, I was already dead, as I had swallowed what looked like a green pimiento-stuffed olive that had contained poison; I had this 'poison pill' in my possession even when I had walked with the President to the park area earlier.

Throughout all of this I was extremely calm, and solemn, as though I was unable to express emotions. Perhaps I had autism or aspergers. I do believe I was highly intelligent, but I definitely did not react per the norm or process events as one would expect.
Thanks Iris! What a haunting and vivid dream. I am thankful you shared it with us.
What a most interesting and perplexing dream indeed. All that I can share is that it definitely does NOT have to do with BO. The first sign was that you were in a Camp David-like setting. It is well known in Washington circles that, unlike most other Presidents, BO absolutely HATES Camp David, and rarely goes there. Before they left, the Bushes were quick to advise BO and MO to not be afraid to go to CD, because of course, the Bushes loved the seculsion, and while in Washington, the Bushes went to Camp David almost every weekend. BO has only been to CD once or twice, and typically as a venue to meet another world leaders, but not to use as a vacation home, which is what its original intent was.

BO much prefers Hawaii, Martha's Vineyard, etc., the more popular the vacation area, the better. Camp David is very well secluded in the Maryland mountains, and very well guarded (it is technically a military installation, with year-round personnel).
Thanks for the feedback!

As a child in the dream, I thought of the man as President. As an adult reviewing the dream, I think he is a leader, possibly a business leader, or even president of a company, or perhaps a governor or mayor. Someone with money that owns or has access to a large private estate. That type of position rather than U.S. President would explain the lack of security. The people were predominantly white/Caucasian, seemed American, but I wouldn't rule out other nationalities.
I'm wondering if the green olive the child swallowed at the end is a clue as to the location. I had thought that perhaps this suggested Greece or Italy, then I found the article below, which indicates green olives are the top olive produced in California. I'm sure these are produced in other countries as well.

Here's info about olives:
While olives originated in the Mediterranean, they are now grown in many places with similar climates, such as South Africa, Chile, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and California. The type of olive grown depends on the region. The Kalamata olive is grown most often in Greece. Kalamata are usually left on the tree to ripen to a dark brown color and have a sweeter fruit flavor than most olives. They are often split partway open to allow the curing brine to penetrate the “meat”. The Manzanilla is the top olive produced in California. It is a medium sized green olive with a slightly bitter, nutty flavor, and excellent for making olive oil.