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Full Version: Je Suis Charlie
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I just awoke from a strange/vague dream. I was in a strange urban setting with a lot of people.  I repeatedly shifted from one location/group of people to another.  Although I was resisting, each time  I came to a different group I was bestowed or labeled with the concept of "Je Suis Charlie".  It kept happening over and over.....19, 20 almost 25 times.  After that I awoke from the dream. There was no violence, just a strange message.    Huh
Thank you Richard for posting your dream. I find the message in your dream interesting. I wonder if it is the idea the we are all Charlie. Each individual, we are connected, together, which was the intent with the world's response in the aftermath when last year's horror occurred By repeating the words and idea over and over the dream may be showing this concept's importance. It is just over a year ago that the event in France unfolded, the timing is close. Hopefully, it is not predictive of a similar event on the horizon.