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Full Version: babysitting
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i was babysitting 3 children. i was dying my hair hot pink while at their home. just before the parents returned i noticed water leaking all over the floor. i couldn't find where it was coming from. it was just appearing from nowhere, leaking up through the ground. like the house was sinking. i grabbed a towel under the sink, but it wasn't a good absorbent fabric so i traded it out with a better towel that was spread out covering the dining table. then the parents are home. i leave out a sliding glass door and think "oh they didn't pay me". i look back for a second and the house i see is a house i lived in when i was 10-18 IRL. i think "oh well i will see them another time". then the dad comes out and gives me $60. Then he asks if i changed the lightbulbs. I said, "I changed three. How many were out?" he said "three". Then there is a chair and a box of screws under the chair. i got 3 screws out of the box. I told him my other job is this sort of work, just let me know when i'm here what you want me to do. he asked how much i charge and i said $10/hour.
Cool coinkydink that you were paid 60. dollars in the dream and right now you have been given 60. "thanks." Also, I notice that you have 111 reputations right now and you have given 111 thanks to others. No, am not into numerology but I notice things like this.

In the dream, we maybe have 60 days until something happens, but what? Oh no, something about our electrical grids?! Could go out because of the "sun" or because of an enemy, likely false flag EMP. Does this resonate at all? Maybe not one iota.

Pink! it's in at least one other dream here, or bot run.
Still - I didn't post this in the dream section, because it was so short. When I saw your dream about baby sitting, I thought I had better post it.

Last night I dreamed I was baby sitting a child who was handicapped. He could talk and was intelligent, just born very small so people thought he was a baby who could do neither. He thought it was funny when people thought he was a baby. I was helping out the child's father who didn't have any help taking care of his child. End of Dream.
I do keep an eye on numbers. thank you for pointing those out! I did think the 60 was something about 60 days. almost always numbers in my dreams are related to days. and wow! on the power thing! I could not make sense of why I was replacing lightbulbs while babysitting, but maybe it could be about the power grid. I have had a couple dreams in the past featuring hot pink. hot pink represents on the positive good/blessings and on the negative=evil/curses (in biblical interpretation). once I was attacked in my dark house at night by a shadowy man in a hot pink hoodie (curse/evil). and once I was standing on my toes stretching as far as I could towards heaven while a witch cast hot pink magic spells (curse/evil) at me trying to stop me. why I wanted my hair hot pink? not sure yet...

glad you posted your dream. interesting that the child had only his father and I saw only the father of the children I was sitting, too. I think that 2 of the children were girls with long blond hair and the third and youngest was a boy. they were well behaved. but that is all I recall about them. also interesting that we were both helping the father do something.

thanks yall Smile