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Full Version: Huge Waves / Elephants Stuck On An Island
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Sorry I didn't get to post this yesterday.. Early morning dream, 01/18/15, just before waking for the day:

In the beginning, I'm flying around in one of those motorized hang gliders planes and there is someone sitting behind me, but I don't know who. We are flying over the ocean surveying something - not sure what? Kauai figured prominently, but I'm not sure how? I just know it was discussed. We come across with what I initially thought was a very small shoal "island" with 2 Indian elephants stuck on it. There's a larger island nearby, but the ocean waves were too big to attempt to cross. As I got a better look, I realized that it was part of the larger island, but now blocked off by ocean. [I'm not sure if it sunk or the ocean rose up?]

We landed near a beach [Not familiar with the area or beach, but it reminded me of a few places, mixed into one].. Then ran to everyone on the beach to warn them to get off the beach, that large waves were coming. All of a sudden there was a little girl who looked a lot like how my eldest daughter looked at that age and in the dream, I decided it was her. [It wasn't her at first, she had parents on the beach, but I wanted it to be her]...

She was asking if she could go to school soon and then my eldest's father was there, along with a few of our oldest friends. We're discussing schools and I told her father she could be enrolled in the school near where he was living (which in the dream, I guess he had moved, because it wasn't where he is now).

I guess I had been sidetracked by the conversation, because all of a sudden, I heard some noise, looked behind me and saw huge waves crashing in on us. We all jumped up and started to run. And the girls parents grabbed her and ran, too.. I woke up at that point.

Conclusion: Weird dream and not sure what to make of it? Obviously there were big waves, possibly tsunamis, as we knew they were coming and tried to warn people... But the part about the little girl is throwing me off a bit. No idea what that was about?
I just found this video posted to YouTube. Apparently the "huge wave" occurred the day before that buoy dropped 4ft off of Oregon, but further north in the Washington state area.

Authorities only put out a high surf warning. This was NOT just high surf! I've watched enough tsunami videos to know what one looks like and lived around the ocean long enough to know the difference between high surf & a tsunami!

It was blind luck that this wave wasn't bigger and a lot more dangerous than it actually was! And there was nothing on the news about it!
Searching for meaning behind the elephants in my dream and I came across this one.. Though it doesn't mention what it means if they are trapped on an island:

"The appearance of these large, solid animals may signify wealth, honor, and a steadfast character. As the elephants rule in the wild, their appearance in your dream may indicate you reign supreme in business and/or at home. How many elephants do you see in your dream? A herd of elephants may suggest great wealth, while a single elephant may represent a small but solid fortune. An elephant with its trunk held up is a symbol of excellent luck soon to come."

Currently I do not "reign supreme" in business or at home, as I cam currently unemployed and living in someone else's home. Both elephants had their trunks up in the air, so it would be cool if I have luck coming to me.

Also, re-reading my posted dream, I just realized we were discussing a school and then waves came crashing down around me... Which in real life, I was applying to a job at a school and didn't get the job. So I'm thinking now that it was connected to my personal life, and not necessarily related to worldly events.
Hmm. Could there be an "elephant in the room" situation only in this case "elephants on an island". Since you just relocated from Hawaii, that could be your "room".
Time will tell...
I saw this headline today and thought of your dream.
I don't know how long it will stay as it is the front page headline and not the article headline.
"Elephant out of the Room."with a picture of Trump on the front page.
Pretty sure I wasn't dreaming about Trump or "the elephant" in the room... As much as possible, I try not to have political dreams. Though I did dream a few years ago that Bernie Sande s won the Presidency. This was before I knew who he was.
Some time ago, Windy posted a dream which had elephants swimming in the ocean. I can't find the dream so I can't give the link.

But I thought of the swimming elephants when I read the thread title. Somehow the two dreams overlap and the elephants are the key.
That's interesting! I wish we could find that dream post.
Perhaps the elephants symbolize Republican candidates.
While a possibility, I don't think so. The elephants as symbols or metaphors would depend on the dreamer's personal interpretation.

There's always the possibility, too, that the elephants refer to actual elephants.