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Full Version: Man On His Porch(possible Presidential??)
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Hello all,

Todays DB: 20 January 2016, I had an image of a American style of house with a porch(I'm from the UK we don't have porches commonly) made of a dark wood or stained a dark brown colour, railings eitherside of a small set of wooden steps... Atop the steps was a man playing a Double Base.

That was it Smile  quite odd... to what it refers to Huh  I haven't a clue, Presidential Huh  maybe, I simply don't know.
Why in the world I don't know but as I pictured this man on this stately-sounding porch, I pictured the elegant titanic and him playing as it sunk. Felt I should share this, goofy-sounding as it may be.