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Full Version: "Best Day of My Life" Song, 1.20.16, am
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The only part of my dreams I remember from last night was my hearing this song, Best Day of My Life. The only difference was, the word "my" was replaced with the word "your" in the song.  Cool
I had a dream so big and loud
I jumped so high I touched the clouds
Wo-o-o-o-o-oh x2
I stretched my hands out to the sky
We danced with monsters through the night
Wo-o-o-o-o-oh x2

I'm never gonna look back
Woah, never gonna give it up
No, please don't wake me now...

I LOVE that song! Thanks Julie for reminding me I need to put on my phone!!!!
Hey GG, you are quite welcome. Some of the lyrics do remind me of dreaming and night-walking.
What a sweet thing to get to dream! That the one important words was changed, now this is cool/fascinating. It's as if you dreamed it for someone else, or the collective.