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Full Version: Someone Gets Hit By Lightning At Mile High
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Several dreams last night / this morning.. I know they were important, too, but can't remember most of them. I recall one piece where I was at a sink washing my hands. Someone runs in and says, "Get everyone in, lighting struck a person at Mile High". I dried my hands, then was rushing around to get people inside.

I don't know where I was or who I was talking to. Clearly, it was some kind of storm coming that involved lightning. Being in the mountains now, I would imagine that's a real issue here... We weren't wearing winter clothes. Late spring or summer would be my best guess. I think the guy said "Mile High", but I can't be sure.
Thanks IHM for posting what you remembered, and if anything else pops to the surface, please add! (Also appreciate the thought given to the timeframe!)
IHM, with Denver being called the "mile high city" it sounds like that city is about to have a headline of lightening strikes.

Update: I met the fellow in my dream today at an interview for a job. It was my second interview and this time it was in front of a panel of people.

Anyways, as soon as I saw him, I recognized him immediately. He asked me about my work flexibility, like, did I mind wearing "more than one hat" when it came to work positions or did I want a specific job description I could just stick to? I've applied to a school & could be working with students. And he wanted to know if I would be okay with being called upon to do various tasks outside the job description. Like monitoring children while they're outside playing.. [check!]

Anyways, it was all I could to keep from smiling like a silly fool during the interview (because of my dream). Lol
This is sooo cool! This is probably the job that is yours for the accepting, IMO. Hope this is a true guess/vibe.
I didn't get the job.. Sad

And last night before falling asleep, something about the lightning part hit me... It was like playing dominoes with words - one word led to another:

Lightning Strike... Strike.. Strike Out.. Struck Out... These were my last thoughts last night and I did my best to push them out of my head. "Think Happy Thoughts", right? Right... Ahhh, sucks..
Sigh, and bleep, so to speak.

It is feeling as if you are being pushed out of that area to move elsewhere. But dang, moving is such stress and expense.
I am the kind of person that looks for "signs" - whether it be in my dreams or in the physical plane.

In 2007 my middle daughter started getting into trouble. She was being harassed and assaulted, so because of it, she joined a gang. I refused to see it at first, because she is such a brilliant girl. When it finally hit me, I remember praying to God before bed one night and asked for a sign on what to do? I was at a loss... The next morning I went in to work, was asked to have a meeting with my supervisor and his supervisor. I thought we were going to discuss a girl we had recently hired who wasn't working out very well (a complete ditz who wanted to be an FBI agent.. Lol). So I get into the office and they proceed to tell me how very sorry they were, but they were going to have to lay me off.. BOOM!

I literally, at that moment, heard the words "HERE'S YOUR SIGN" and it was in Bill Ingvall's voice. Lol.. The moment struck me so funny, that I started to laugh out loud.. The 2 supervisors got a little freaked out by it (haha) and thought I was losing my mind. I got up, shook their hands, said "Well, it's been nice knowin' ya!", and walked out of the office. Packed up my personal stuff and said goodbye to everyone else. Everyone was amazed that I wasn't breaking down.

But why would I? I asked God for a sign and boy did I ever get one! Lol. My sign was losing my job, that then led to us leaving the state the very next week. My daughter is fine now. She regrets doing the gang thing and chalks it up to being a dumb kid. She has since given me 2 grandchildren and she's in her 3rd year of college now and has applied to University of Hawaii to finish her degree.

So as hard as all of this is right now, I know that somehow, this will all work itself out. I've been asking for signs (and being a lot more careful about "how" I ask for them), but not really getting anything yet. Or maybe the signs are there and I'm just not seeing them. IDK..
LOL! the way you reacted and walked out, YES! Ingvall saying that. I luv it.

Well, howdy "sister-from-another-mister." (I laughed as I said my wedding vows, quietly of course. Poor hubby was stiff and nervous, I guess knowing he had just sworn his life away and that was 36yrs. ago) Whew, loved this post, gal.

Seriously, yes on the signs. I ask to be shown and I believe in omens, too. It really was a sign, as it moved y'all and she's doing beautifully. Hey, we do nuts stuff in life. I threw my parents a lot growing up, never anything harmful to others, not a shoplifter and not mean to anyone. Just living the 70s, and well, I still like to experiment but now it's Susie-Homemaker kinda stuff, and NDC, this huge experiment is even more delicious than chocolate. *(thank goodness or My rear might not fit in this chair anymore, ha)

I think a lot of us good souls had to go through hell to find the peace and light we were destined for. Afterall, what is hot without cold?
We just got the word today that my "Lil Gansta" (lol) was accepted into University of Hawaii. I am beyond grateful for what the Universe has provided us today. And more than proud of my little girl. She is the first in many generations to make to the university level.

For a brief moment in my life, life is sweet... Smile
Alright! congratulations to her and you both, "Mama!" Cool she is awesome. Any chance you can move back share housing with her during her university time? I should have asked before that, any interest in doing so?
Thanks Nan... She has no interest in my moving in. She is married, 2 kids, and a stay at home mother. No desire for a 2nd mom hanging around.