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Full Version: Dreaming of wasp invasion
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Random and not sure it means anything? I dreamed this during the night last night and at one point started to wake up, but fell back asleep into the same dream (continuing it).

I dreamed I was in a room in a house with a little girl (looked a lot like the little girl in my dream about the elephants, only younger). Again, my eldest daughter's father (Pat) was in this dream, too (like the elephant dream). He and I are talking (not sure about what now), and I see a large wasp flying around his head. He starts to move around the room to dodge it and I start to look around wondering how it got in? I see a tear in the screen on a window and then realize there are even more wasps by the window. As I start looking around, I realize there are wasps in varying sizes all around the room. It's like we were being invaded. I saw a couple of nests in the room and then noticed that the place look very shabby. Like we were in an abandoned house. It was in really bad shape.

I scooped up the toddler and we run out of the room. Pat closes the door and I'm telling him "We can't just ignore them. Something needs to be done". Then I notice another wasp flying around his head and looked towards the door. The wasps were coming from underneath the door and through other busted windows. I started cursing in the dream and started to get scared. I don't know why, but we didn't run outside. Or couldn't? Not sure. I woke up as we were running around, dodging wasps.

I have no idea why I would be dreaming of wasps, so I looked this one up. The first description I found, hit home perfectly:

"Since ancient history the wasp has been a symbol of unrelenting torment. Wasps are capable of stinging multiple times and are known for their single-minded pursuit of vengeance. Dreaming of wasps is sign that you are feeling beset by hardships, setbacks, conflicts, temptations, or pain. It can also signify that you wish harm to your enemies. Some species of wasps are parasitic, laying eggs in the bodies of other insects. As a consequence, dreaming of wasps may also indicate that you are being taken advantage of by those closest to you."

1) The buggers in my dream really were set on vengeance and really appeared to be seeking out to attack us. They didn't like us in their space at all.
2) I have no desire to harm any enemies or anyone for that matter.
3) I don't feel like I'm being taken advantage of by anyone, so that just leaves..
4) Feeling beset by hardships, setbacks, conflicts, temptations, or pain... No temptations here, but the others are fairly accurate.

Also, side note: I'm beginning to think that the little girl in my dreams could be my eldest daughter's daughter. She is pregnant, but we don't know what she's having yet. (Too small to tell). The little girl resembles my daughter a lot, but different. And I have previously dreamed that my daughter will have 3 daughters / possibly a boy, too.
I found a meaning behind dreaming of a house, which I had another one early this morning:

House - "Houses are common forums for dreams. Overall, you can think of a house in your dream as representing you or your life in the larger context. If you dream you are in your childhood home, perhaps your subconscious is using that location to let you know whatever is happening in your current life has its roots in your childhood experiences. If you dream you are in a hotel, you might feel you are not “at home” in some part of your life. Think about recent events and situations where you might have felt out of place or not totally comfortable with what was happening. If you dream you are in an office, almost assuredly you are processing experiences and emotions about your work life and career. Discovering new rooms in a house or following secret passages in an old house can indicate you are exploring the unconscious. This can also mean you are discovering new parts of yourself. A small house might suggest a feeling of confinement. If a house is under construction, it could symbolize growth. If it’s dilapidated, the dream might be telling you that improvements are needed in some part of your life."

I've dreamed of being in a hotel before, so that description is fairly accurate for current state of mind. And so is the description for the dilapidated house. Very accurate, actually.
I am personally thankful you posted this,
" Discovering new rooms in a house or following secret passages in an old house can indicate you are exploring the unconscious."
I dreamed of moving into other houses or just being there but it was mine, a ton of times, well at least 20. In it are hidden rooms, in fact a section like a small wing in the thing. Was even familiar-looking in the dreams, most often. Was thrilled to find a wet sauna, and other cool things, LOL.

But this is about you. Could the invasion of the wasps then signify some thought process that is invading your mind, and you don't welcome it in fact keep seeing it and pulling away from it? Sounds very healthy, like maybe thoughts of worry are what you are of course rejecting, moving away from?
No, I think the wasps are as I described it earlier: "4) Feeling beset by hardships, setbacks, conflicts, temptations, or pain..."

And I often dream of an old apartment building I once lived in Hawaii, which the apartments were tiny in reality, but in the dream, they were much larger inside and added doors/rooms. From inside, they went on for days. It reminds me of the tents in the Harry Potter movies. Tiny on the outside, but much larger and with added rooms on the inside. Lol