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Full Version: How many decisions are between a dream and its realization... Nice precognitive dream
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18 January 2016 

I dreamt of Tai Schär, a man I knew when I was about 20 years old. He gave a Calendar with Mariliyn Monroe on it to a female Artist. And the Artist gave him an Painting, i saw the painting on the wall beseides other paintings, too. 
How it came true or how many decisions were between the Dream, Tai Schär and Mariliy Monroe:

On the 18th of January 2016, I have been home, but in the Eveneing I suddenly decided to take a train and go to Basel. As i then was in basel i thought i could call the elder man I usually buy Food for if he needs my help. And yes he was very happy I called him and wanted me to buy him some Milk and Bread and Butter in Coop. I also entered a portuguese shop where I bought a cheese and I got invited a beer. So this took time, too.
Then i brought all together and he wanted me to buy some more food from the Portuguese shop. I went to buy, and got invited a second beer. Great shop. But this took time again.  
After all this and having brought it all to Frank the elder Man, I had the idea to buy a Pizza because it was very cold. 
On the way to the Pizza Point, at about 10 p.m. and really cold outside, i looked in the Books for free closet on Voltaplatz.  There suddenly Tai Schär came fro behind the Closet, and said he will be a DJ at an Art Exibit on Thursday. I told him i dreamt of him and a Picture with Mariliyn Monroe. 
He told me that maybe i will find my personal Mariliyn Monroe at the exibition. 

So then of course yesterday i went. And I met many people I knew, one woman I have not seen for a long time and i was happy to meet. Tai Schär was there, too, and he said he has not yet seen all the artwork, so he could not say if there was a Marilyn Monroe. So i went to see if i found something that resembles Marilyn Monroe. And there was really only 1 postcard with a Marilyn Monroe on it of all the Postcards with the artwork of the Artists. 
Of course i took this postcard and showed it to Tai. That was a nice moment. Later i saw it was possible to buy the postcards for 1 frank a peace so i bought some postcards and of course i took the marilyn monroe with me.