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Full Version: My old Friend Christopher died
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22nd January 2016

My Friend Christopher died. I knew him from Prison, he was my best Man as I married in Peru. But it was not clear how he died. His Partner hid him, and there was the Picture of a Round bowl, like the ones where animals eat in. But it could have been of glass. Once my wife has seen his Partner Susana and then Christopher was the one who earned the money for the Family. ( as i knew him he normally had very little Money). My wife has talked to Susana and the 2 Children of Susana were near by but younger as i remembered them. Chris ( as i called him) seemed to be at his home.
But all was more like a story i heard from my wife. It was clear that i have not been in Peru at that time. 


Me and my wife who lives in Peru are divorcing. And it is in these days, where some important papers got moved in order to get divorced. I have not seen Chris or Susana for about 7 Years.