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Full Version: A good dream to show where dream content comes from.
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23rd of January 2016

I was in the Vacation House of my Grandparents, and they had several guests. My aunt was there, too. Then the table was full of presents for the guests, mostly food. I saw chocolate and took a bar and ate it. I didn`t feel so good becuase i didn`t ask. But if i had asked i probably would have been allowed to eat some chocolate.  

( The table full of presents comes from Christmas, because on christmas, my Grandparents always put on this very table the presents for their Children and Grandchildren) 
(The chocolate comes from yesterday, because i went to Basel to send some Money over Western Union but forgot my Passport, so I had to travel back to Hölstein, then i thought what i should do with the Time i had until the next train comes, i thought there must be a sense of beeing here. I bought candies, and did not feel so good about it) 

Then we were more at my aunts house in Italy, she was looking for a rope. When someone does not come to take care of her Animals when she comes to switzerland she says all the ropes have broken. In german this is a popular saying. So my aunt Christine is looking for a rope, and I remembered I bought some thread yesterday. I saw the different colours of the different threads. Black and blue and some others. 
(  Yesterday I have written an advertisement for her, if someone is interested to take care of here animals, and the first answer of an interested person i read as i was in basel, after I bought the candy).
But she wants a rope, I thought of the shoelace Cristina of Catalunya gave me. Then suddenly phones started ringing. I was at the Vacation House again and the phones were ringing in different rooms. I wondered why Christine does not pick up the Phone. So I did at the commode where my Grandmother used to keep her envelopes and the phone. 

(The phone comes of a dream I read yesterday where a man had the dream of many phones ringing in the house but he cannot pick them up, because always when he is close the phone stops ringing, but in my dream I managaed to pick up the phone) 

I Picked up and a serious voice of a woman asked who there is. I noticed she wanted to talk with someone of the family. I was thinking if it is correct to talk for me since I have just eaten chicken and i still had some chicken (Meat, specially Chicken and Chocolate are sometimes connected in my dreams and life...) in the mouth. 
I said I am the grandson (enkel in german). She asked if I were the `forguard` (vorschütz in the dream)
It was possible that some one has died. 
(This are the other connections to Christmas. My Grandmother had an accident on Christmas 2015. And we thought it was possible she has died. And at the same Christmas, before we knew about my Grandmother we plaid a game where we had to find out some anatomic names, where I found out a word that is related with the name fore...; then is today Full Moon and it was also Full Moon on this years 25th December, plus the name of the Aunt in this Dream is also Christina) A lot of Christian details in this Dream.