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Full Version: 1-24-16 airport arrival
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This is the first layer of a 2 layer dream.
Layer # 1
I was traveling with my husband (my actual husband). We had arrived by plane to an airport we were somewhat familiar with. I knew the previous time we had been to that location, the bus had dropped up off on the western/left side of the airport terminal. Some time had passed since then , up to a few years, and we knew the location for the bus pick up and drop off location had changed. We were trying to find it without drawing attention to ourselves. We wanted to blend in and leave as quickly as possible. I realized the new location was on the eastern/right side of the airport and was able to somehow communicate with subtle body language with my husband to head in the correct direction. I felt we were fearful of being monitored. We were headed to a home to stay at which we had secured before our journey. I knew our stay in the city would be for a short duration, it was not a place we planning to live.

Layer # 2
My family and I had just arrived at the location of a small home. It was in a town which reminded me a bit of India. It was in a lower class, but not completely poor neighborhood. The road had a small layer of dust on it. I felt we had traveled from far away, either from another country or from a long distance from within the country. My family (not my real family) consisted of 2 younger girls and my husband. We arrived carrying 3 blankets and a few personal belongings. A man in his late 30's, greeted us and began to lead us through a 1 story house. We followed him through a small hallway maze until our "room" appeared. Our room connected through an open door/ archway to a at least one additional room, if not more. Other people were living in the additional room/s. I set the blankets down and surveyed our living quarters. There was only a small table in the room and the carpet may have been an old green 60's style carpet. In a closet were personal items from the previous residents. The room had an empty plastic cup on the table. I thought that the place was not what I was hoping for, but it met our basic need. As I lay down the blankets on the floor, our "beds", my husband wandered with the landlord to the connecting room. He soon came back and told me he was going to speak with the landlord for a moments and they headed back out towards the entry of the building. As soon as they left, I realized that my husband was going to be killed and the girls and I were also in grave danger. I knew that we needed to leave the premises but could not let others know we were fleeing. I grabbed our blankets and wrapped them around our shoulders like a shawls, leaving one blanket behind so it didn't look like we were actually fleeing. As the girls and I made our way towards the entry of the building I began speaking of having a picnic outside for our first meal at our new "home". This of course was not my intention and we had very little food with us so if one were observant, they would know we would not actually be having a picnic. As we continued walking, I told the girls we would use the blankets and place them on the grass at the park. My fear was getting to the outside and warning my husband without being found out by others.

Thoughts-the 2 layers of the dream were connected in that I was traveling and trying to keep a low profile. In both dreams we were headed to a temporary home. My family was different in both dreams. I felt that I was not likely in the Middle East in the second dream, but perhaps India, or a similar country. I did not get a particular religious vibe of the country in the second story to identify the location dream. The airport was very modern in the first dream. I am not sure if it was in the U.S. or not.
Hi TwiceBlessed9 - Maybe you were dream "hopping" and experiencing someone else's dreams or even lives? Do you think the families were illegal immigrants? That would explain why they were worried about being discovered?
It is possible they were illegal immigrants, especially the second dream. Hummm, perhaps both. Something to think about, thanks IHM.