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Full Version: Gotta Go
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I was in Florida, either a resident or working there temporarily. In a high rise with a couple of my long time female friends from high school. Many grey storm clouds were in the sky, but no rain yet. I was anxious, and my friends were as well. We agreed we all had an urgent feeling to leave, we weren't sure why, and that we probably were not coming back. So we hurriedly packed a few small bags. As we were packing, a man I used to work for 20 years ago came riding by on a bicycle. He was a bit confused but genial. (In real life, he was brilliant yet ruthless). We were now with a few other neighbors and we talked with him. He couldn't remember his name but he kept looking at me, talking about how he used to be someone important, and he asked if I knew him. I told him his name, and wrote his name down for the neighbors so they would remember. Then I told them I was in a hurry and I returned to my packing. Note others were not feeling the anxiety or planning to leave, and we did not tell them how we felt the urgent need to leave now.

We were again on the top floor of the building and heard the engine roar of a helicopter is it landed on the roof. Our anxiety increased; time was short. We wanted the female pilot to fly us out and we thought we might lose too much time convincing her to take us. As she came in the door we grabbed her and ran for the helicopter and she was agreeable to our destination, which I do not recall the name of. She looked at our bags and said we had too much and would have to leave some behind. I had 4 bags with me, my laptop backpack bag, a small duffle bag, and 2 small plastic grocery bags, one of which contained sandwiches and oranges. I started to leave 1 behind but when she turned around I grabbed it back and we all climbed in the helicopter.
Storm clouds approaching? Hurricane, maybe? Urgent need to get out of there because of it?
Thanks, IHM, indeed could be, certainly felt as though it was some natural event that was making us anxious. I did see an image of a crack in the earth, and I thought an earthquake was possible, but figured that was day residue. Does Florida ever experience earthquakes?

Any thoughts about the meaning of the older man, who lost his memory and his important position? To me, that implies that whatever happens, people of importance now no longer are after the storm/quake/event.
I find it interesting that many of us are having dreams about needing to leave. It reminds me of Project September but the leaving aspect seems to be a little different. More...fearful. I had a dream yesterday and leaving was a theme too and the need to not draw attention to the fact that I was leaving.
Back in '98, I dreamed of an astronomer named Sam Brown. She was Native American and her full name was actually Dr. Samantha Brown Bear, but she dropped the "Bear" to fit in better.

Anyways, she had discovered something in outer space, but I was never told what it was? I remember her life was in danger for some reason, because she went public with her discovery.

Whatever it was, it had everyone in a real panic. Everyone was heading north into Canada, but roads were being blocked by military (not sure whose?). So me, my family, and hundreds of other people took off on foot, hiking through thick forests. At some point we come out & see a few old log cabin type homes, but really backwoods type (think "Deliverance"). There are Native Americans sitting on the front porch and they look confused at seeing all of us. I go to talk to them, but they're speaking a French sounding language. Native American, but with a French accent. At that point I woke up.

That dream was almost 20 years ago and nothing has happened yet. But I've had several dreams around that time and since that's indicated an urgent need to go to Canada. No real explanation as to why though?

And yes, Florida has earthquakes too, but I don't think they are as common.
Iris, that you and your two old friends knew the danger coming, and then that you knew this man's name when he didn't is surely, together a big message. Something about you being more aware and informed than others. You'll be okay, as the SHTF in this nation and world, you'll be one that fairs better than many, and you will or already do know more than the average sheeple.
I think this is a good dream and good message. Oh!

Maybe it also is telling you that ruthless types of souls are not going to be anything but dazed and confused.