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Full Version: Muddy Brown Creatures
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01/25/2016 Am
No intent

I had just laid my head back down after taking my meds and dozed back off.
I felt my arm being pulled up by my elbow and licked from an inch above my elbow to about 5 inches from my shoulder. I thought it was my husband and I look to see if he had lost his mind as I know he would never do such a thing. What I saw standing there was an ugly brown thing about four feet tall, with gangly arms and legs. I thought to myself “what the hell?” and I heard “Smoods or Snoods”. I cannot describe its face in detail as I was startled by its laugh. I grabbed it by the throat and then realized there were two of them. Somehow I managed to grab the other one with my other hand. Now I had one in each hand and I had to get some help.

I jumped locations.

I was entering my sister’s house with these creatures. I showed them to her and ask for help. She asked what the problem was. I told her to take one but then she said she did not see anything to take. The creatures had changed shape and now I told my sister that they were shaped like bowling pins. I held one out to her and told her to hold it very tight. She took one and held it to her chest. I realized she was pretending to see it as she was stroking it like it was a kitten and had let it escape. I was terrified because it was lose in her house and I could not see it anymore. I held the one I had even tighter, trying to strangle it. I lost my breath from the exertion and started hyper-ventilating and woke up.
That was very different and unusual! Thanks for sharing it with us.