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Full Version: tarragon and saffron
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I was just reading through a recipe book looking for a recipe for dinner. I went somewhere to get tarragon and saffron. it wasn't a store. the place reminded me of a movie rendition of a psychic's place of business. the little room with beaded and silk curtains, crystal ball on the table. the psychic took me somewhere privately, heavy smoke, dark cluttered back room...I said a just came for tarragon and saffron...
Dreams can be humorous at times.. I've had some where I wake up laughing.

It wouldn't surprise me if it was your unconscious "joking" with you because we are all trying to interpret or dreams and predict the future?
lol...may be so
No, there is something more here ... I have seen enough of Still's dreams to know that she rarely dreams things completely insignificant or laughable.  However, I acknowledge IHM, that dreams can be laughable.  Mine mostly are, and that is why I rarely remember them, nor post any here.  I am more a dream interpreter, than a dreamer myself, such as the Bible spoke of spiritual gifts; some being given the gift of dreaming, and some being given the interpretation of dreams.

So, tarragon and saffron ... what is the significance?  Scrolling to the Wikipedia entries for both spices, I was shocked, and then not surprised, to find that for saffron, the Spanish variety has had a longstanding tradition in cooking, but that today, IRAN accounts for 90% of the saffron produced worldwide.  So, is the presence of saffron in Still's dream an omen of what is clearly before our eyes on the world scene: Europe and the Americas dying, and the Middle East and Asian powers ascending.

But, then if you have any lingering doubts, let's check out what Wikipedia says about tarragon.  How very similar to the story of saffron, yet with a twist.  While French tarragon (and also to a lesser extent, Spanish tarragon) is still the most coveted variety worldwide for cooking, Russian tarragon is also produced heavily and exported.  Russian tarragon, while not as flavorful, is more hearty and has a longer shelf life.  Aren't we also witnessing that on the world scene?  Whatever Europe and the Americas are doing to try to save themselves is very short term and not lasting, but Russia and Asia are in it for the long haul, and have been more willing in the past to sacrifice their own personal gain to ride out the storms coming.

In the end, there is still a cabal of Elite who will sacrifice everyone to their plan for world domination, but Still's dream presents the picture as of now, and is very telling.
I had no idea where those spices came from NHwatcher. I did have a good giggle at it after I read what IHM said. going back and readin it in a humorous light, I could see it. but you are right my dreams aren't just surface level. The ancient bear (iran, ie Persia) and the modern bear (Russia) I have dreamt the 2 together before...I think I posted it here. if I find the link i'll put it here later. while everyone has gone all Yay-Putin-he's-our-man, I have seen him in many dreams being anything but the hero and iran? bad juju! why I went to the psychic...seeking hidden knowledge about the 2 together probably. she was about to share something with me, but I interrupted and woke up. naturally.

thanks both of you for reading and replying. replies make me think about stuff more rather than just assume I know what it all means, when in reality there are usually deeper meanings to be sought.

one bear is Russia and the other is Persia
Still, cool you've dreamed the two together. I have too, and it was a rare, gifted dream, very "loud" where to this day I can remember the dream very well.

It's here somewhere under a blog of Eagle1's, and was submitted well-before I joined the forum. I dreamed friends and I went outside on a beautiful day, looked up and saw a teddy-bear shaped bear in the sky. I said "it's a bear" and they agreed, we stared and this still image became animated and looked to its left, and when it looked back straight, it's face turned very, very angry, mouth opening as if it was shouting or cursing. Then, a circle on its stomach appeared like the "Carebears" had and in that circle appeared more than a drawing. In that circle was a colored photograph of what I knew in the dream was an Iranian soldier, or so I believed because of Ezekiel 38 and 39 bible scripture.

I was very serious and alarmed in that dream, it felt ominous.
Still, I will be interested if this "psychic" reappears in an upcoming dream of yours, and you are able to ask her what she had wanted to say to you.