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Full Version: Missing Leaders
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I was working for a company and I was at a conference with other employees. One of our managers was missing, and I was surprised to hear he wasn't going to be there, and I wasn't able to reach him. I was talking with the other managers there, and we started to realize that a number of key people in the company were absent and had not been seen recently, although in each case we had been told where the person was...on vacation, ill, etc. None of us could recall such a number of key people being absent from one of our conferences before, as the company had a policy about that. Now that we were aware of this concern, we began to put together a list of all the absent managers so that we could try to reach each one to assure they were ok.
That really happened to me in waking life yesterday. So many of the managers were missing from a full day conference that the CEO stood up and explained why some of the people weren't there. Another manager I was supposed to present with did not show up! I didn't contact him but he had contacted the CEO and explained why he couldn't come. At the time it felt like a waking dream.
That is amazing, Amor! Coincidence, or not? Thanks for posting.