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Full Version: SW town dream, 1.29.16, AM
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Start of Dream. I am walking in what looks like a Southwestern town. The buildings are all terracotta color stucco. As I am standing in the middle of what feels like a town square, I know what each of the buildings are used for & can see through the walls. There is a school and a civic center and other buildings for communal use.

I am then standing in front of 3 or more men who are sitting in a row against a wall. I focus in on the man sitting in the middle. He has a very happy smiling spirit. He tells me, "I will give you a tour of the area". We go to the school and then the civic building. He tells me, "this is were we have community gatherings and weddings too". He then tells me, "this is were we will get married". I tell him, "you need to know more about me before we get married". He turns to the elderly men who are sitting with him saying, "she thinks I don't already know everything about her". They smile and he turns back to me, takes my hand and says "OK tell me everything". So I tell him more about myself. He says, "Yes, we are still getting married".

The next scene is my showing him my relatives. We were not with them physically, but like we were Spirits walking around them.

Then I am walking behind him and notice his hair color is white with a little black or he is wearing something on his head that is white and black. End of Dream

Afterthoughts: Felt good to be in the presence of happy people Smile
Dreamed again of this area.

Start of Dream. I am standing looking at a man who is sitting and looks asleep. I see black and white colors on him. Then to my right a man walks into the picture, looks at me and smiles. He turns to the sitting/sleeping man and says, "you need to look in the east for her or you will lose her". I look at the sleeping man and he looks concerned about what the man told him. I like the walking man because he is honest and wants to see everyone happy. End of Dream.
Julie, more than once have you had a dream with fragments in it that I seem to have also seen. Mine, however, are often more sinister-of-visions than yours.

The three men sitting in the first vision are merely channels so that the one in the middle can open-dialog what the man in the middle wants you to know.

In the second vision, the man in 'black-and-white' is a man held 'prisoner', not necessarily in jail, but I have seen this too. He is restrained, limited, held-in-place, whether by lack-of-money, job, whatever. He is a 'prisoner to his environment'. The talking man is telling this 'western living man' that if he doesn't seek the woman, pressumably you or who you channeled through to see this, that he will miss meeting her.

However, the man that is ordering this, constructing this vision and who is speaking in it, is not honest. The man and woman meeting serve his needs, his purpose. I have seen the man get up to pursue the woman in the east, and when he does, the face of the man who spoke and arranged this turns into a sneering demon-like person, smiling that he 'accomplished his goal'. His goal is to ensnare the man he offered the promise to, to send him into a place in the east he can't escape.
I felt that even the promise itself of him meeting the woman once he arrived there, was nothing but bait, unless it served the sneering man further to fulfill this part.

Also, this actual dream, I personally feel, has a greater implication than just a personal vision. This actually affects a region, a nation, maybe even the world - in some strange 'butterfly-like-effect'.
Thank you for your reply, Skeetersaurus. This would be an interesting study about two people having similar dreams and seeing them as nice and not so nice. I will post if I dream about this again and would like you to do also if you want.