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Full Version: 3 0r 4 Funnel Clouds Pre-Rotation, Dark~
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I am going to start recording my dreams that I can recall unless I'm really confident they are mind-clutter or personal-only lessons.

I was at my deceased mother-in-law's house, cats everywhere, cute and playful but house was not clean. Some guy, not sure who he was suggested "we" take out her garbage.

Then, there we were, him driving me somewhere and I was shocked we were in a car if this was really about the dang garbage. Then, it was all about the sky and nothing else. It turned so very dark, horrible clouds, but already funnel shaped in a row, and the one furthest to our right was about to start rotating, yet they were a bit rectangular in shape. It felt really ominous, I warned him to turn around and he did.

I awoke. I still can see these black clouds in my mind but have no clue why I dreamed this. All I am sure of is the serious concern I had for them being lined up, one after the other.
Awesome, that was more than our famous snippets! Good going Nanny!

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LOL yes it darn sure was. I'll try to remember and not hesitate to record here.
Now, today's run has some of my dream in it, so cool with the synchronicity. This is fun. Cool