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Dream early this morning before waking for the day: I'm not sure if it was all one big dream or several smushed together. I don't recall most of the details. Pretty sure all of it was mostly personal and I wasn't going to post it, except for the very last part of it, makes me think I should..

At one point in the dream(s), I had met and was saying that the main actor from the TV show "Man Seeks Woman" was my soul mate and I never wanted to leave him.. [Note: I've never watched the tv show. He is also a much younger man, born in 1982.. It would never happen.. Lol]

A couple of my cousins I hadn't seen in years made an appearance, but I'm not clear on what it was about. They were dressed in formal wear, which my cousin is a surfer boy from Hawaii. I laughed when I saw him dress up in a suit and tie to give his daughter away at her wedding, because it never happens.. He only has the one daughter, so not sure why he would be dressed formally again? He appeared grim, so hopefully not, a funeral?

The beach appeared in my dreams again, high surf, but that could be day residue, as Hawaii is pumping with the huge waves right now and I was watching videos of them yesterday.

I don't recall most of the last part of my dream before waking, but I know it felt important. I was hearing the song by Dido "White Flag" in the background and at the same time a voice was saying the rhyme "step on a crack, break your mother's back", except only the part "step on a crack" was being repeated, not the rest of it. There was emphasis on the word crack and I think I was looking for a crack in the ground before I woke up. And I don't mean a little sidewalk crack. I was looking for something huge. I was still near the ocean, but I was looking inland. I didn't recognize the area, but it reminded me of the inside of of Diamond Head crater in Honolulu. The area was very dry. It could have been the west end of Oahu. IDK..

Edit: As I was waking up, it was very much like the dream didn't want to let me go.. And the voice "step on a crack" became more pronounced and slower.. Like that was the part I was supposed to remember... "Steeepppp Ooooonnnn Aaaaa Crrrraaaacccckkk".... It got really creepy at the end.
Good that you posted what you remember. I know sometimes I'm not sure if I should post something. Then it keeps popping up and that lets me know to post it.