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Full Version: Flood dream
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5:56 am central time. Very vivid and colorful.

I dreamed I was on the west bank of the Mississippi River, just looking and thinking about how wide and muddy it  was.  It seemed to roll and flow backwards till the river was gone, leaving a muddy wide trench.  You could make out what had been the original smaller river bed (if that's possible, I have no idea).  All I could think was that I needed to get past the Missouri border and I'd escape the coming massive flooding that was on its way back down.  I took off in a car heading westward (guess that would be Kansas).  Arkansas was completely wiped out.
The rolling backward and leaving a muddy trench is usually indicative of a tsunami. If that happened to the Mississippi River, one wonders what could happen to cause such an anomalous event.

Could the New Madrid fault move enough to cause such a catastrophic event?
Silvermitt, thank you! I think you dreamed what will happen when the New Madrid faultline goes off a "Great Quake" again. People said back then that it did flow backwards. Yikes....

I hope you have more dreams to share.
Maybe this is what you dreamed. Flooding all across north west Louisiana to the Mississippi!