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Full Version: Germany trip 2-1-16
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I spent the first part of my dream preparing to travel on vacation with my husband. I carefully packed and got directions from my parents about how to reach our German destination. We were supposed to take a train after arriving by plane. The train would take us to a small city where we would find a our hotel on the outskirts of town, another journey from the train station. Things went according to plan, except for my suitcase arriving unzipped and open with some clothes items hanging out. We were in the German town looking for a way to transfer to our hotel when my parents showed up waving to us from across the street. They told us they were now able to travel with us and we were all going to stay in a at a nicer hotel, in town. We then traveled a short distance a way to a whimsical looking hotel that could have been made by Disney. Out in front of the hotel stood a large Bob's Big Boy character holding his famous hamburger plate and behind him the hotel had stacked floors which kinda rested on top of each other like the layers of a hamburger. That's when I realized I was in "Hamburg", Germany. My next stop was Lisbon.

Thoughts: My parents travel all over the world so it would not be unusual for them to give us helpful information about a city or even travel with us. For those who don't know, Bob's Big Boy was the cartoon mascot for a hamburger restaurant particular popular in California. The visual of the character holding his stack of Hamburgers told me I was in Hamburg.
Here is a picture of Bob's Big Boy.
What does Germany mean to you, I take it you're not currently planning a trip there.

I find it interesting that the hotel was Disneyesque, and even the Bob's Big Boy is very whimsical.
I have no connections to Germany and have never traveled there other than an airport layover.
Germany is constantly in the news regarding the migrant issue but I don't now if it would be considered day residue.