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Full Version: Vagrants dream, 2.1.16, AM
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Start of Dream: I am in a home (not mine) and there is a knock at the front door. I open the door and two men come onto the house. They tell me, we are staying for a while. They look dirty and their clothes look old and tattered. I look out the window and see an old truck/camper with more people near it.

I tell them the men you can stay but just for a little while. Then someone says, more are coming and I look out the window and see more people walking next to the house. I tell the two men, you have to leave. One said, no, I think we will stay for a while. I call the police and I have a difficult time getting the 911 operator to understand what I want. I see the police drive by and I call 911 again to tell them the police passed by my house and did not stop.

I put the phone down and tell the men the police are on the way and they should leave before there is a problem. The police show up and are talking with the people telling them to leave. End of Dream

Afterthoughts: I have never seen this house and I think I was just visiting. I did not feel fear, just an uneasy cautious feeling about these people.