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Full Version: The Lamp or Lantern broke, Coming Apart~
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I lost the first part of this dream but that I remembered it so easily, it was a vivid dream and I don't like what the message appears to be, so recording it. Usually, the few dreams I remember are serious in nature and feel important.

A lamp or lantern was in front of me. Could've even been solar-powered, wish I could remember that part. I turned it towards someone or something in front of me, and the top came off and I said "Oh, it broke" as if I was saying "it figures!" like when we really needed it.

Was it something you would use in an emergency situation? Or was it something more home related?
Glad you asked that. It was needed for some special reason. I recall it being "dang, just when we needed it!" yes.
Did it still put out light?
I woke up so quickly I cannot know or remember.
Keep getting a feel of the light breaking, no longer working, which allows the darkness to crowd in.
Good hunch, DLP! I like it, but then think of the "sun" in the run again, today. However...

so are some spiritual words. Wonder if that dream was a twofer sorta thing.