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Full Version: Told they have suicide vests~
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I knew as I awoke that I wasn't remembering the whole dream.
I was in my home and don't know who it was, but someone told me "they have vests." It was suicide vests but can't have exact wording in memory.

So, I went into our livingroom that looked as it does in reality, looked on the floor and there were no vests. I did this twice that I know of.

I awoke having the thought of wondering how stupid/deluded any soul could be to think if they kill other people with suicide vests that they are going to be rewarded in Heaven. I then thought of the fact that multiple souls have reported from their Near Death Experiences that we are allowed to or made to feel whatever we made people feel, in our lives.

sorry, having to edit in, that there was no negative emotion or hardly any emotion to this dream. This surprises me as I think of it.
Nanny, maybe you should intend to discover the meaning of the dream. It sounds important to me. And yes, I've read that too that we experience our actions from the perspective of others. So you get to feel EXACTLY what it felt like to them. But don't forget that applies to the good as well as the bad.
Goldengirl, good point! what a blessing to get to feel the good effects we've had on people, or I should say, get to feel the good that has passed through us.

Okay, I'll ask, wonder and ask again tonight to be able to dream about this again. Couldn't hurt to try. Maybe though I've never had this blessing before that it will be answered tonight.
Gal, I didn't get a thing from asking and hoping. Maybe tonight. Still have never had an intention work for me, except years ago I was allowed on more than one occasion to go back to a dream after getting back to sleep during the night.
(I had one thought that I put NO confidence in!! None...the mind and the dark side do things sometimes. I wondered about not having dreamed it again nor anything I could recall, upon awakening. I then had a fleeting thought that I felt like I had been in a mall, but know this. Immediately I thought, "nuh uh, I didn't dream of a mall, dunno what I dreamed. I believed this thought.)
Don't forget, your intention to know more might just launch you into what appears on the surface like a completely unrelated dream, but might just be your subconscious coughing up a new interpretation of the same subject.

I don't think I've ever been able to return back to the exact same dreamscape, and sometimes not even within the same dream! You know the ones, you go out on the porch, and when you go back in the house it's altered in some way. That's the norm for me so much that I wonder how I navigate my dreams at all!
One night I was dreaming something I liked very much. Wish I could recall what. I awoke twice and went right back two times, for a total of three chances to dream what I was enjoying.

Very vague! very but I think some of my flying dreams, or maybe only one night of many I also was thsi blessed, going back once back asleep.

But, intention?! Not once that I can think of. I would LOVE to dream of Heaven but even though I once asked I was not granted such a thing. I don't want to see it how I assume it is but to get a glimpse of the genuine place. Not so far.