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Full Version: Dream of a Petrolstation and my ex wife
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14th February 2016

I dreamt of my ex-wife. The theme is psychological, the processing of what has happended in our relationship. In another time she seemed to be more willing to cooperate in this, now she had less interest. And it seemded she will not have anymore interest. 

My Mother who was strongly opposed to my relationship to my ex-wife was in the Dream, too. 

Then something with a Petrolstation which I saw at the left a little more downhill, and a Black Door. 


I am getting divorced of my ex wife, and yesterday she wrote to me a mail that was not so nice. She will not want to help me to make the things i still have in her Familiy`s house more useful. She should still have some german books and I thought to give them to a Library or a Bookstore. She wrote to me, I have nothing in her House. 

Then i went to shop today at a petrolstation. I bought some Milk and Cheese for an old man who can`t walk so well anymore.