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Full Version: Precognitive Dream of June 2015 No. 1
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13th of June 2015

I was like in Amerika and found a 1 cent coin. The 1 cent coin was of a University, and I also went to the University.
It was able to see all the stars of southamerica in the sky, and it was sort of possible to amplify the image of the Stars, and make some research. One could see the stars of the different countries. It was like clear that they were of different countries. 

Then i was in sort of a prison, but i could go out with someone else. I went out with a woman and we drove in a car. Then i wanted to go on, but the woman did not want to take me with her. 
So I said farewell to the other guards i saw there and left.


I started to go to the C.G. Jung Institute ( I have not known that this was possible for me in June 2015, I think i at that moment have not even known that there is a C.G. Jung Institute) in November 2015 to attend Lectures and Seminars with Psychiatrists and Psychologists. And on the 13th February, the day i read the dream! i had a seminar where one theme was the liberty to decide what to do. I thought i have learned enough of that seminar quite soon, and as I heard from a woman (maybe if someone tells you that something is going on close by, it is as if he or she takes you with him), there was a symposium going on in the other House of the C.G. Jung institute, I decided to leave the seminar I was attending and went to the symposium. I then said fare well to the teacher and the other participants of the seminar. At the symposium there were lecturers and scholars of several countries. (Maybe a reference to the stars of the different countries)