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Full Version: Precognitive Dream of June 2015 No. 2
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15th June 2015

I was snowboarding very fast. Something with thousend or eleventhousend. As i arrive at the valley i am sort of in prison. There is aguard who wants to have my name. I say something of eleventhousend. He says he knows my number is 11. The name Wili, the Familiy name of my Mother is a theme.  And then a Juan Camargo from Peru who comes Snowboarding in Switzerland. I also have some foreign money i wanted to spend in a shop that was close by. 


I receive eleventhousend swiss francs from the 2 Family Foundations we have in the Family Wili, for that I can attend the C.G. Jung Institute. I first receive 5500 swiss francs from one foundation, then for the second semester 5500 swiss francs from the other foundation.
In June i did not know that i will be attending the C.G. Jung Institute, and I applied for the money in October 2015.

And there is again a series of dreams that come true one after another from the dream on the 13th of June 2015 that has come true on the 13th of February to the dream on the 15th of June 2015 that is due to come true on the 15th of february. 

On the 14th June I dreamt of a woman with the name Alexandra. On the 14th of February I put my name on the Post office Box with scotch tape for the first time, and i saw that someone else in the house was called Alexandre.  

And on the 15th of February 2016 
in Basel there will begin the Carneval, and in youth I many times went skiing and snowboarding in the vacations of carnaval.