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Full Version: Another hospital bombing?
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2/14/16 Happy St Valentine's day everyone. No internet just yet- out in the back yard with poor wifi.
Lets see if I can get this dream out. Haven't dreamt vividly in two months.
Incubate for this week as I went to bed-

Another hospital setting (or government building like a clinic maybe)- actually it looks third world.
I am asked to clean up.
Weird- I am a nurse doesn't anyone need those skills? Why? There is nothing left but cleaning up the
rubble. So I get a mop to wash the intact halls, then over to a door . Open it- nope- not much left in there. No bodies though. odd.
Another door- go through that to see people playing cards. They invite me to play poker. Okay...break time.  I have almost a Royal Flush (no snickering on the subliminals here)
and my last card draw of all things ODD here too- is a dual card
It is both a King and a Queen on the same card. One is a heart and one a spade.

I was told by the group it didn't qualify for a royal flush as it must have been a card up my sleeve.
Right. I can't make that up.
either someone in a royal family almost gets flushed down something or lands in a hospital/clinic/mental institute.

all odd so must be metaphoric.
Wow, this could be about "royalty" in any country including ours. heh heh
#cametrue ?
It looks like at least part of your dream cametrue AD.
2 Hospitals hit in Syria today as well as a school.
(02-15-2016, 11:59 AM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: [ -> ]#cametrue ?
It looks like at least part of your dream cametrue AD.
2 Hospitals hit in Syria today as well as a school.

was there two or three, and was. DWB another one or was there a clinic- not sure?
""The destruction of the hospital leaves the local population of around 40,000 people without access to medical services in an active zone of conflict," he said." well no more hospitals no more bodies to clean up either eh?

Sheesh- I was really hoping I could P2 this one. Lots of finger pointing too as to 'who dunnit'
poker faces on this one and how about lets give them all a royal flush down the toilet. its getting old, like left over mashed potatoes after thanksgiving- three weeks later.
Thanks TB9, I just got online with very poor reception (2 bars) so not sure how long I'll be able to stay on.
My neighbor gave me a handful of hogwort herb the other day to help me dream again. it worked alright but now I think I'll throw it away and put a pillow over my head. these kind of dreams are for the birds
No thanks.

Happy Presidents day and in mourning over SCJ bumping off... did I say mourning? How about just good morning to all. The world is getting crazy.Stay safe all, watch for illnesses in the Red Fire Monkey Chinese year.