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Full Version: 3 dreams 2-14-16
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No intention
Part 1.
I am watching t. v. when a commercial comes on for a brand new water park. It is going to be the world's largest and is either located in Asia or a Middle eastern country like Dubai. It will be near an airport so people will fly to the city just for the water park and then leave. The placement of the park seemed strategic.

Part 2
I am climbing a mountainous region in Germany or the Alps. The hills are green and it is a little overcast. My trek is with at least one other, a male companion. We climb over rocks and stone steps up many mid grade hills. We reach our destination, a small European village with German/ Swiss village architecture and decor. I have never seen the village but know it is my destination. I wander through the pub,restaurant and shops. When it is time for me to leave, I am with my male companion again. We must now leave the village via a very steep ladder. It will take us down the mountain. As I step on the first rung on the ladder, I realize it is too steep for me to go down. I am handed a small child, a toddler perhaps. Somehow I am supposed to carry the toddler and a backpack down the the hill on this ladder. I am on on the second or third rung and tell everyone I can't do it, it is too difficult. I am afraid the child will be killed and I will loose my balance. The child is handed to my male companion who thinks he will be able to make it. I am still not sure I can do this without falling, even without a child in my arms.

Part 3
I am in the backyard of a mansion. The yard has a lazy river like feature which wraps around the sides and back of the house. The water flows more gently than a lazy river would flow. There are many young adults in the water, it seems to be a party or gathering of some sort. Soon gunshots are fired at those in the water and on the nearby patio and grass. As the shots hit the people, their bodies burst/explode where hit. A bullet that should create a 1 or 2 inch hole has instead create gigantic flesh wounds that have flesh and skin exploding outward. I soon realize that these wounds are actually fake wounds and the guns are toys. This new gun shooting "game" produces gross wound like images on contact. I am not amused and feel it is in very poor taste. I am shocked someone would create such a game and shocked someone thinks it is fun to play.

Thoughts. Shades of Project September come to mind. I am not aware of any big water parks about to open in the world. There is an overlap with dream 1 and 3 regarding water park like features. I am not sure what the message is about although while the first dream was enticing people to come, the 3rd felt dangerous. When adding dream 2 which had a traveling, almost migrant feel to the dream, I feel like I am truly back to Project September. It goes with our "hamster wheel" bot run doesn't it?
And this is the second (?) dream with Germany, right? I was on the move a lot in Project September too. Even afterwards (I think) was a dream about being on the road with a large group of folks who were my traveling companions, but not family as I know it.