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Full Version: Doctor, Iguana & Beach Dreams, 2.15.16 AM
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Multiple Dreams.

1. Dreamed of seeing a female doctor and she prescribed 5 or 6 different medications/vitamins for me to take. I left her office confused as to why she did not speak to me and just gave me a list.

2. I am walking into a house that I have been gone from for a little while. I sit on a bed and a Iguana jumps on my lap so I pet him. Someone says, "he has not wanted to eat since you left so I hope he will eat now". I have spinach in my hand and give it to the Iguana and he eats it.  He doesn't want to leave my lap so I pet him for a while and tell him how much I missed him too.  
(Note: If found this interesting article/post about an Iguana.

3. I am walking on a beach meeting people that I know. I am looking for an empty beach chair so I can relax. I plop down on a green and white stripe chair. I look around and notice a beach house behind me with a large screened porch overlooking the water. I have been here in dreams before and this is a nice area.