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Full Version: Cold Winter of 2016/2017
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I had 2 dreams about Winter 2016/2017.

In the first dream people no longer had any way to keep their homes warm in a bitterly cold winter. Instead of freezing to death in their homes, they chose to gather in a public place- in this dream it was a city square- to freeze to death in public.

In the second dream it was a bitterly cold winter in my town. I saw people bundled up in heavy coats and hats, and I live near the Gulf Coast. It was snowy and icey- which does happen here but not every winter. It was near Christmas and I was at a mall or a holiday market, but it was outdoors. People were ice skating- I don't know if it was a rink or a frozen-over lake or pond. Throngs of people were milling around outside astonished by Colorado-style cold on the Gulf Coast.

Dreamed 2-16-16 in the wee hours.