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Full Version: Funeral with plumbing issues~
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Dreamed last night.

I was in a big building yet it was a house. The funeral was in another room and I was getting ready for the thing. It didn't feel horribly sad as if it was a family member or personal friend.
The bathrooms in the building had a plumbing problem and that part is getting vague, but I think it was in the sinks.

I can't remember any emotions during this dream. (I should've thought about this one more so that it wouldn't start becoming vague per details.)
its funny today Alex Jones, infowars... if you play his feed from today you can see what they were saying...
had his reporters at the funeral home where Anthony scalia was taken and they were saying that his fluids went down the drain.
In other words his bodily fluids went into the sewage system. no saving them in any way.
LOL a bit of a funeral home/plumbing reference! I dig coincidences like this, but....shortly after being amused, I thought of how freaky this is that the idiots at what, wasn't it El Paso?? let this be known that it supposedly happened!!

No autopsy, oh no, a SC Justice declared dead over the phone! and now this talk of his bodily fluids and their plumbing pipes, good blankety-blank grief. it's as if the crime that has happened is being flaunted in front of all of us conservatives that honor the deceased, ya know?!

Thanks for informing about this. I don't get to hear or see Alex often. He sure does "bring it."
well not sure if your dream was related but it was sure freaky that when he interviewed them, they did not save the fluids and it all went down the sink drain. Not sure if it was an old house turned into a funeral home but it was a small texas town with a side entrance where you could not see who was coming and going. Well if they have no problem killing a SC judge, they have no problem killing any one of us or all of us.
Agreed, I dunno if my dream picked up on this or not. I just know it was definitely a funeral in a home/house, and I barely get glimpses of water or fluid stuck in the sink, opposite of the dream. It wouldn't go down.

The evil ones that are forcing World govt. on us see us as roadblocks and the needy that they claim to love and want to care for are "useless eaters" to them.

I think the Georgia Guidestones truly are their dream idea of world population numbers and their guidelines of the tyranny they plan for Mama Earth.

I thank God that they won't get away with a thing that He doesn't allow.
I agree on everything you said... when people don't believe me on the elitist plans for us, I just tell them to google Georgia guidestones.
They are planning on a total crash of the us economy before obummer leaves office. We have only one good choice and that is trump, he is here to wake people up. The more I listen to trump the more I think he is the real deal.

at least weekly I try to send healing energy to mother earth. She is under such stress, and I tell people its possible to talk to the trees, and plants.
I feel best when I get out of the city and into the forest. I haven't been out this winter and so need a drive in my back yard... the black hills.
Trump isn't perfect because no one is, and no candidate for this high office can be everything we want or need. What this dude is, is spontaneous, blunt and obviously not eating out of any secret power's hand from behind the scenes. They hate him for this and yet are scared of him.

Praying we even have an election in November while very much in doubt "they" will allow it. But God! with God any horrible reality can be stalled, and yet, I doubt God wishes to do so at this time.
To everything, yes there is a season and to every season there comes an end. I think God's patience with billions of humans is at its end. I also, as a firm believer in Jesus believe that we are going to be catapulted out of our comfort zones before He comes back and saves us physically. However, I'm at peace however He plays this age out, so to speak.

The world economy must be crashed for them to be able to force their tyranny on us all, into a cashless, checkless digital currency so that they can control us in a micro-managing way. They know that with millions of us patriots in just this one nation that they have to make the conditions so hungry and desperate that we'll bow to anything, even beg for "them" to save us.

Amen about out of the city. I was raised in the city and suburbs of a southern state, Texas but am wtihin weeks of moving into the country. Oh boy, what a trip this is going to be but it's one that wisdom dictates I do even if haphazardly.