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Full Version: Horse drawn cart into my bedroom
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My intention was to see important things that will occur in the United States and the world in the next month. This was quite vivid, so I suspect I ought to write it up.

In my dream, I was in my bed, basically still asleep. My bedroom door was slightly ajar; I heard the distinct noise of a horse coming into the room, namely the clip clop of the hooves. I normally block the door so it won't open completely with a stop so the cats can come in and out. As the horse came into the room, I heard the stop sliding so the door would open moor. The carriage went back into the master bathroom, where somebody got out and went to the bathroom.

For some reason, I was in bed brushing my teeth. In my head, I heard a voice saying "hopefully a phlebotomist will be able to do something to figure this out". After that, I could see a distinct outline of a man that was more or less invisible (sort of like predator, a cloaking device); he had his hand on the door and I was looking at him. I shook my head thinking "huh!", which woke me up. The door at that point was where it had been before, not opened anymore than before the dream.

Some of my thoughts:

A phelebotomist draws blood - a way to find a disease for analysis?
A horse drawn carriage, and brushing of teeth - hoof and mouth disease outbreak?
Secondary thought on the carriage - EMP that knocks out transportation?
I think the figure was to get my attention that this was a dream of what I had intended.
Phlebotomist could represent drawing blood, the act of blood letting. Draining blood. Draining out the lifeblood. For some reason, the phrase "bleeding cash" popped into my mind.

Horses tend to represent transportation, freedom(of movement), and riding in new directions. The horse was harnessed to a carriage, limiting its freedom and ability to ride in a new direction. It entered the room, which would really limit its ability to move freely. Something is stuck, limited, unable to move freely?

A carriage as opposed to a vehicle. Referring to traveling in the past? Did you see the carriage clearly enough to identify the kind?

Brushing teeth while in bed. Cleaning out the mouth? Were you lying flat or were you sitting while you were doing this?

There was a lot going on in this dream, that's for sure. Big Grin
When I read this, my first thought was a past scene that happened on that spot. Do you know the history of the area when your house or apartment is?
Quote:Did you see the carriage clearly enough to identify the kind?

I don't remember much about the cart, only that there was one. I'd say wooden wheels, not covered. Something you'd carry things in.

Quote:Something is stuck, limited, unable to move freely?

I am definitely super busy with work of late, but I definitely have lots of potential to move if I so chose. Given that this was an intentioned dream and I felt like I was being told that the dream was for the intention, I don't know if the traditional interpretations are relevant or not.

Quote:Were you lying flat or were you sitting while you were doing this?

I was lying down for the entirety of the dream; I felt like I was barely awake.

Quote:Do you know the history of the area when your house or apartment is?

Not much. One other dream I had, many years ago after I just moved in, I felt like somebody was walking across my bed. I looked into the center of the room, where there is a fan; I saw the figure of a body, wrapped in a funeral cloth, that was hanging from the ceiling from a noose. That woke me up in a hurry. I looked up to see if there was information on anything like that, Google didn't indicate anything. I thought I had seen "people" around the house a few times outside that had disappeared once I got into the garage when driving home. I was making a lot of changes to the house at the time, so I said a prayer saying anybody that was here was welcome to stay; I never saw anything after that, although I've still had my share of interesting dreams, some with intentions, others not.
Nothing like renovations to stir up energy and energies.

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