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Full Version: Jew's, Truckers, Money, Hardhat workers, Fire
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Multiple Dreams from this morning, 2/20/2016.

Scene 1: I am standing on the side of a interstate highway and suddenly traffic stops. The first vehicles in the front are 18 wheelers. I notice the drivers are looking straight ahead at something above the highway. I shout up at the truck nearest me asking, "why are you stopped". The truck driver points to a lighted msg sign above the highway. I look at it and it says "Jew's, Truckers and __________, all come to a complete stop". The truck driver throws up his hands and says "I can't move until the sign gives us the ok to continue".

Scene 2: In front of me I see new money in stacks and rows, hovering in midair about 4 Ft off the ground. Behind the money I see a group of men walking forward, toward me. The men are young, muscular, covered in sweat and grime, wearing hard hats, carrying big tools. Behind the men I see black smoke and flames shooting high up into the night sky. The whole scene is very vivid.
LOL! to that sign in the first dream, Omgosh.

Noting that your second dream has smoke in it. Several? folks have dreamed of smoke recently, and it's in a run. Can't remember if only one run.