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Full Version: Silver coins
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2/19/2016.   A dream from a year ago reoccurred with changes. I was again packing for a trip to Australia, but this time instead of having residual items to try and find a place for, I only had what was needed to fill a suitcase. The dream then moved on to me visiting friends in Melbourne and Sydney, and then a mad rush to the airport to return to the US and Washington, D.C. From there, the dream moved on to residual items over the Malheur shooting in Oregon. The U.S. government has filed forfeiture requests against the occupiers. In the dream, I went to Burns, Oregon to an ice cream shop where one of the detainees was giving away a silver coin with every cone purchased, so that the US government wouldn't gain his stack of coins. I bought my cone, and suddenly was handed about 20 oz of silver coins. I looked at the shop keeper with surprise. He told me that that they had pre-arranged that every so many shoppers would get a bonus, and I was one of those bonus persons. The reason I have posted this dream of a few days ago is that in December 2015, I had a dream which I see that I didn't post, even though I wrote a rough draft. In it, I was again packing for Australia, with fewer items left over from the March, 2015 dream. This time I was exchanging money at a kiosk in an airport, and was buying a gold coin. After I gave the employee the money for the one coin, the mechanism was suppose to drop one coin. Instead it started dropping multiples. I was up to 15, 16 coins, and was banging on the glass to get the attention of the employee. "Something is wrong" I tried shouting through the glass. These weren't my coins. He assured me that they were. I bring this up, because as a result, I invested $2,500 in gold stocks at the end of December, which since then has become $6,500. Does the dream about silver mean something is going to happen to silver values in the future? Just wondering.
Very nice to see you posting again. We need every dream that comes to NDC.

In the context of what you were gifted per gold in your previous dream, I think it likely that silver's about to move up, too.
Rumors swirl about silver going into shortage. I don't know about that, but I do know your dream experience about both metals are very fascinating.
Many analysts now are saying invest in silver, not only because it is less expensive than gold, but also (surprisingly) pure silver (not mixed with tin or some other alloy) is in far less quantity worldwide, than gold.

The key, though, is not stocks ... the key is to possess actual gold or silver. The easiest way then to purchase silver is at a rare coins shop. My stepfather has an inherited $1 silver coin from the late 1800s ... worth well over $100 now. That is just one example.

Gold and silver stocks certainly will retain some value initially in a stock market crash, but eventually, paper is paper; if the mining company goes broke, it matters little that you invested in "gold." Similar to hoarding cash in your house (as I have some) ... cash will have value for a limited time, but eventually, all will be revalued, back to a longstanding standard, such as gold or silver, or even copper.